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The year is 1276. In a quiet, sunny Scottish valley, a group of Scottish nobles ride towards a farm. The nobles ride handsome horses and wear rich clothes. Each nobles have a boy with him. But they carry no weapons because this is a meeting of truce.

Scotland has no king. The old king dies without a son or daughter. The English king, Edward I, wants to choose a new king for Scotland. The Scottish nobles want to choose their ruler. So there is war. The fighting goes on and things is difficult-there is no food because the farmers fight for nobles. Edward I- ‘Longshanks’ they call him because he has long legs.

The bravest nables come to meeting place. They tie their horses outside and go in. One of the neighbouring farmers is a man call Malcolm Wallace. Malcolm Wallace ,who is strong, brave man wants, Scots to rule Scotland. He has two sons, John who is eighteen, and William, then only seven. William has his father’s blue eyes. Malcom’s wife dies when William is born.

Later that same day, Malcolm and John ride off to the Macandrew’s farm. William watchs them. William who,loves his father and wants to be like him, wants to come with them but they don’t agree with him. Malcolm and John arrive at the farm building. Everything is quiet. No people, no horses. They tie the horses. They push open the door. Thirty nobles and thirty boys is died by Longshanks. Everybody is tied by the neck. They hear a sound behind them and quickly turn. William stands there, looks on the bodies. After William who, shots his eyes to the terrible picture, touchs one and realize. Malcolm catchs William and holds him. After that, William who, is so frigten, doesn’t believe that.

Next day, Malcolm and John attack the English with his friends. William stays at home and fights the English in a game with his friend, Hamish. Night comes. William watchs through a window. His father and his brother don’t return. They return the next morning but William’s father and brother die. William digs their graves and the neighbours look at the boy. William stands at the graves. A little girl who with long red hair comes towards him, hands William a flower-the purple flower of Scotland. Their eyes meet then the girl walks back to her mother.

A tall, dark man towards the crowd who stands near the graves. William looks at him. The man is William’s uncle who lives alone.

That night the boy and his uncle sit together at the table. William’s uncle has no wife or children but he would like to take the boy home with him. After that William goes to Uncle Argyle’s house. William’s uncle grows him until William is teenager.

Journey of a day from Edinburgh there is a different world. Today is market day. There is music and dancing. There is good food to eat and beer to drink. English soldiers watch. Market days are good for English armies because they don’t fight. Ten minutes later, a young man rides into the village. He wears a farmer’s clothes but he doesn’t look like a farmer. Old Campbell looks at him carefully and Old Campbell knows him. He is William Wallace. Because William takes after his father. William’s old friend walks up to him. Hamish shakes hands with William. William sees Murron who is the most beautiful girl in the village maybe, in all of Scotland, with her long red hair. William starts to speak with Murron. A few days later, William gives a present to her. Murron looks at the present: a dry flower- the same flower that five-year-old Murron gives William at his father’s grave.

William doesn’t see Murron two weeks. Then there is a wedding in the village. A cousin of Murron gets married a local boy, Robbie. Everyone come and the music is started. Suddenly there is noise of horses. An English noble rides towards them at the head of a groupof English soldiers. The villagers go quiet and English noble wants to his wife but Robbie who doesn’t want, noble against make an attack. But English soldiers block him. Then   one of soldiers pushs her up onto his horse behind him and the English soldiers ride away.

William who wants to get married Murron, tells to Murron. Murron accepts to get married with him. Meanwhile, King of English Longshanks kills Scottish people. One day, they married secretly in an old, empty church. Murron gives William a white hand kerchief with the flower of Scotland on it. They pass to spend their wedding night under the stars.

They are both in Lanark one market day. Some English soldiers sit at a table and drink quite near. They watch Murron, who is now more beautiful than ever, buys some bread. The soldiers arrest Murron who bits him hard as well and tries to go away. Suddenly William is there and he catchs the soldier’s arm from behind. Murron runs away from English soldier and William runs away the English soldiers too but Murron doesn’t get away from  English soldiers and she is arrested by English soldiers.Unfortunately the English noble kills her. About one hour later, Willam whose wild eyes look at the face of Murron’s murderer comes to village angrily. The battle is short. No one can stop Wallace and his angry followers. William takes his sword and cuts Hesselrig’s  throat in one movement. He looks at Murron’s blood on the ground, he looks at the blood of the Englishman  on his sword. He knows he can fight as a rebel from this day until he dies.

William sits near a small fire, thinking. The ground is wet from days of rain but with the trees  above their heads, they are dry enough. Old Campbell mends weapons. A hundred English horsemen ride in straight lines across open country and search William and his friends. They find fires still smoking. But they never see them, until one day when they see Hamish and a group of rebels near some trees. The Scots see the horsemen and run like frightened animals. English horsemen follow them and tire men across an open field with low hills all around. English horsemen ride into the field but the ground is so wet andthe horses’s legs disappear up to their knees. Suddenly there are Scots everywhere, wave swords above their heads. William Wallace gives the order to attack. Every Englishman die.

The news of William’s win over the English travel quickly. The rebels hide in an empty farm building. The farmer is friendly and gives them food and clothes.

William sleeps while Old Campbell and Stephen talk about battles and how to win English. Hamish comes in. He calls softly that news arrives. William wakes up. and the Scots come down fromthe Highlands. Hundreds of them. Therefore  King of England sends a great army to Stirling Castle. Two armies meet on the hill. The Scottish armies have two thousand but English armies have about twenty thousand. Wallace holds up his hand to speak and the army is silent. William orders to bring out the spears in front of the line. The English horsemen stand tall and proud; their horses are in purple and red. No one can beat them. Talmadge orders them to attack. The Scots stand and wait. The English horses come at them, nearer and nearer. William’s men bring out their secret weapons and the English horsemen are died by Scots. Suddenly all of the English armies start to attack and the Scots start to attack too. The battle is violently. Everyones kill other people. Meanwhile, William sees the Talmadge and he sees him too. They runs eachother after that, William cuts up the Talmadge’s head. The Scots win the war. Meanwhile, the king of England or longshanks is confused because of war.

After the battle of stirling, William Wallace is famous all over Scotland. He goes to Edinburgh. The people look at him with wide eyes like children. Scottish nobles choose him to be first lord of Scotland. But a few Scottish people refuse him to be lord. Mean while, Willam onto the door. He don’t want to be a king of Scotland because only Scottish nobles can be a king of Scotland. A fe wdays later a lot of French armies are come to Edinburgh by Longshanks. William hears them to coming to Edinburgh. They want to make pact with Scottish people but William and his friends don’t want to make a pact andthey refuse the pact so king of England begins war again. Both the armies meet to battle with each other and the battle starts. The most of people die because the Scottish nobles don’t help their armies andthus, the Scottish armies sustain a defeat because of Robert the Bruce. William whose, friend’s father dies, injures.

Willam passes to spend some months in France and Italy asking for help for Scotland from the king of  France and Pope. He returns to Scotland with empty hands: they wouldn’t help.

Lord Mornay is a William’s noble who hear the sound of a horse, not outside the castle but inside. It’s impossible but William Wallace rides into his bedroom. Mornay never speak again. William cuts through his neck with one quick movement.the quards at the door stand with their mouths open.

The Scottish nobles now want a meeting with Wallace. William knows that they trap him but William must go to castle of Robert the Bruce so William comes into the castle. He looks into the eyes of Robert the Bruce. The two men now see the same picture- a free Scotland. William holds out his hand towards Pobert the Bruce. Suddenly English soldiers comes there. Robert the Bruce don’t know anything of this plan and the English soldiers take him. They ties William up like an animal. They torture William. First William is hang up by executioners but he doesn’t die. Afterwords they tie him from legs of horse. Finnaly William Wallace cries out ‘FREEDOM’ and one of executioner cuts William’s head.

William Wallace die slowly in front of  a great crowd on 23 August, 1305. they do terrible things to his body. All of the Scottish people battle for freedom.

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