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Hıstory Of The Kozan

Hıstory Of The Kozan

19 Kasım 2022 17:12
Hıstory Of The Kozan



Kozan and vicinity, a place maintained its importance in the history of each period. Since ancient times, the scene of the struggle for influence in many of the nation and around the fertile land and favorable climatic conditions, Kozan is really eye-catching features.

Date epochs in Cukurova Kozan, and therefore, the establishment of civilization and a one of a number of years to continue the struggle for influence between the date this place, reveals the importance of geographic and economic. Anatolia and Syria in Kozan, is located on the old trade route was important for the commercial aspects of a major. Kozan and its immediate surroundings all these favorable conditions, since the first ages, of various tribes to dominate the region and settlement aspirations kamçılamış, inter-state wars have led to political conflict and, by displacement of the region resulted in a very hands between tribes.

The date of settlement of the town, especially for the first ages, it is not possible to separate the date of settlement of Cukurova. In this respect, Çukurova, the settlement date in the history of the settlement have to be evaluated Kozan’ın. Former name of the Dusk, which Sision Sisium and Kozan to the very old settlement iner.Yapılan lived in various archaeological excavations reveal that the least of civilization in the region. BC 3rd millennium coastal plains of the southern Anatolian Hittite and Luwian names given to them vesikalarının (Luwian), lived in tribes. Also in Mersin / Yumuktepe and Tarsus / Gözlükule excavations in the BC Culture of the Early Bronze 3rd thousand years, it was of Luwian tribes. Luwian tribe, the Aegean migrations then continued presence in Cilicia.There are many opinions about the origins of Luwian. Cukurova was a kingdom called Luwian Kizzuwatna by the Hurrians. Faced with this situation, the Hittite king Zidanza, ubnlarla had to make peace.

Two state boundaries probably set them apart from the Taurus Mountains.(M.Ö.1550-1520) (Kizzuwatna, Luwian homes means.) In the 2nd. Connected to the Hittites as a kingdom until the middle of the Millennium yıkılıncaya Kizzuwatna Kingdom of living in this region has not been long lasting. After Kizzuwatna M.Ö.1500-1331 between the kingdom Kingdom of the region Azrawa olmuştur.Bu kingdom dominated the eastern origin, and fought with the Hittites term. II, who claimed that child at an early age the Hittite emperor. Murshili (M.Ö.1334), Arzawa Uhhazitiş’in walked over to the king. (BC 1331) suffered a heavy defeat Uhhazitiş Afaşa’dan (Ephesus), escaped by sea. Also in the war of the king was taken prisoner oğluda.As a result of this war has been erased from the kingdom. M.Ö.1900-1200 and 700 years as a long period of half an island that dominates the Hittites of Anatolia, Çukurova “Uru Adania” of the. During the long-running dominance of Hittite very developed agriculture and animal husbandry in the region.


Hittite civilization has left deep traces in the region of Adana. (Late Hittite döneminide account if, the people who lived in Anatolia for more than a thousand.) Kadirli in Karatepe and M.Ö.IX-VIII. centuries the Phoenician alphabet, dated to the Late Hittite hieroglyphs and inscriptions in both languages and, subject to Awarikus’a Karatepenin stated that the King of Adana. These inscriptions, Awarikusun ‘you are the king of the Danunalar passes. After the collapse of the Hittites and the Aegean migrations (years of the 1200s) to the region Kue (Que), has been dominated by the Kingdom. Which was established after the fall of the Hittite Empire, which is one of a very small state, Kue Kingdom, for a period of 477 years of Cukurova in prevailed. This kingdom, BC 720 was destroyed by the Assyrians. Kue’yi become an Assyrian province in which, the king of Assyria Salmanasar’dır. (728-722 BC) who ruled the area between M.Ö.713-663 Assyrians, Cukurova used in a colony.

The Assyrians in such a short period of 50-60 years protect their assets. Assyrian Kue country in the region vesikalarındaki name. Weakening of the Assyrian Empire and the Kingdom of Cilicia was founded by people of the region to declare independence, BC (663-612) has been dominating in Adana. The Assyrians did not last long as the Kingdom of Cilicia, M.Ö.612 ‘with the rule adopted in the Empire of Persia. Cilicians, they provide each year in the face of political assurance, give a certain amount of Persia gave the Empire. Cukurova, Empire, dominated by Persians took close to 300 years. In M.Ö.333 is famous in history “Issos War” with the III.Darius, Alexander the Great defeated. Short-term sovereignty has been started in the region of Macedonia. A.D. 704’te the first Islamic invasion began in Çukurova.

Region of the first commander of the Islamic Velid Khalid Bin. Abdullah, son of the Caliph 704’te Abdulmelik, Misis region’s first mosque was built by taking the castle. Thus, the region began the Umayyad period.A.D. Ended the rule of the Umayyad and Abbasid rule after the 8th YYdaki started. The time of Harun al-Rashid in 800 and founded the city of Haruniye volunteers are placed here. Malazgirt in 1071 with the victory of successful Turks in Anatolia in waves, Cilicia, and have begun to settle.Cukurova gotten here on time, and placed Shah Suleyman Oguz tribes began Turkification event. (1082-1083) constitute the majority of Muslims from Khorasan Turks settled in the region.At the end of the campaign started 1097’de 1.Haçlı Cukurova temporarily established an Armenian Principality, and were crowned by the pope. Armenian princedom of Aleppo in 1364 by order of the Sultan of Egypt Ashraf Malik was terminated by the governor of the principality.Then, after receipt of Light Iron and Mr. Demir Kozan’ı Mameluke State Sovereignty seems Cukurova. Depending on the order of Aleppo during the reign of dominance Memlüklüler’in the Kozan, was ruled by governors sent from the center. The weakening of the State of Anatolia, the Anatolian principalities Selçuku started.

BU HABER İLGİNİZİ ÇEKEBİLİR  Geniş Zaman Olumlu Cümleler

Founded by Ahmet Bey Sahabettin 1352’de Ramazanoğlu Memlüklüler’e for a long time, depending on the principality continued to exist.The Ottoman Empire, the Cukurova region, the administration of contrast to these places, who ruled conquered Memlüklüler’in Ramazanoğulları’na left. This administrative practice of Kozan, Adana province has jurisdiction of the status. As a result of the weakening of the authority of the Ottoman Empire, the population and the resulting means and standard deviations around the Principality Kozaoğlu, 204 years ruled the region. Acting on its own command center, and put an end to connect Kozanoglu principality in 1865, Dervish Pasha, under the command of an army division was called-i Islahiye. Ahmet Cevdet Pasha joined the army as a consultant. With this army collapsed Kozanoglu Principality, the tribes were deported into Anatolia and the Ottoman domination in the region has been provided by again. Once more in 1878 uprising Kozanoglu sneak was unsuccessful.

This rebellion is stated-funded initiative of Russia. In Kozan, March 8, 1919, until June 2, 1920, for a period of two months a year, and the Armenian occupation of the French left, and again in 1920, also gained self-self and Türklüğü’ne. Since then, many Turkish tribes living in the county with the management of the Republic of Turkey. In addition, Kozan’daki peninsula and northern Africa to Arabia, some villages there are citizens who emigrated.

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