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İngilizce testi (5) 

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İngilizce testi (5) 



ELS 35 Practice Exams 25 Mark the best choice

1-When there is something big that needs repairing in the house, it is usually more economical to……….the tools than to buy them, as you may only need them once or twice.
A)purchase B) lend
C) rent D) charge E) hire

2- While it is not realistic to think that inflation can be stopped completely, there are certain measures which could be taken at least to……………its growth.
A)retard B) improve
C)disapprove D) admit E) reject

3-You should have seen the……….on Sheila’s face when she found the frog in her bag – she looked so surprised!
A)description B) motion
C)hazard D)scar E) expression

4-The promotion hasn’t been………..announced yet, so please don’t discuss it with anyone until after Friday, when everyone will be told.
A) reliable B) loudly
C) publicly D) essentially E) sensibly

5-Although many forest fires are caused accidentally, there is evidence to suggest that some are caused…………by arsonists.
A) deniably B) intentionally
C) obediently D) stubbornly E) vividly

6-Just as new words are constantly being added to a living language, others stop being used and become………. .
A) obsolete B) consumed
C) reluctant D) indifferent E) forbidden

7-I have always had a great respect for him; …………, I feel he has made a serious error of judgement in this case.
A) otherwise B) because
C) besides D) nonetheless E) on the contrary

8-I won’t lend you my car …………you promise to bring it back with a full tank of petrol.
A) despite B) while
C) as though D)even if E) no matter

9-He must be earning a good salary -…………..the Mercedes he bought last month, he has just booked a Caribbean cruise for his summer holiday.
A) since B) moreover
C) besides D) owing to E) even though

10-Instead of causing her the trouble of preparing us lunch, we could have a picnic on the way, ………?
A)couldn’t we B) doesn’t she
C)could she D) has she E)could we

11-Their house is………….the end of the road…………the right-hand side.
A) from/at B) to/in
C) by/near D) at/on E) on/by

12- The boy fell……….the fifth floor of the building, yet managed to escape …………only minor injuries.
A)on/from B)to/upon
C) out of/in D) into/away E)from/with

13-When Marie saw her car…………recklessly and reported it to the police, she had no idea that the driver was her own eleven-year-old-son.
A)driving B)being driven
C) to have driven D)to be driven E)having driven

14- I don’t think you should be borrowing money from someone………..salary is so much lower than yours.
A) which B) who
C) what D) whose E) that

15-When you begin job-hunting, it is important to remember that………….the salary , the more responsibility the job is likely entail, and that may include working longer hours.
A) the higher B) the highest
C) high enough D) such high E)so high

16-I like the strength of traditional Arab coffee, but they put so much sugar in it that I find it…….. to drink.
A) so sweet that B) too sweet
C) the sweetest D) sweeter E) as sweet

17-……….of his books was made into a movie, and………..others have been best-sellers.
A) Some/any B) Either/each
C) One/several D) A few/many E) Plenty/some

18-Do you think she will attain the same success with her new film…………she did with her previous one?
A)just B)such
C)as D)like E)much

19-I really need a blender to make leek and potato soup, and as …………is broken, I wonder if I could borrow……….. .
A) its/your B) it/its
C) us/them D) our/it E) mine/yours

20-A few weeks ago, Hank……….his village, which he………….in forty years.
A) was visiting/doesn’t see B) has visited/wouldn’t have seen
C) had visited/won’t see D) visited/hadn’t seen
E) has been visiting/ hasn’t seen

21-We…… Philadelphia by bus, but, because of the drivers’ strike, we………… by train.
A)would have travelled/go
B)will be travelling/will have to go
C)were going to travel/will be going
D) had been travelling/have gone
E) are travelling/were going

22-I don’t think the show ………… by the time we get there, as we have almost an hour before it……….. .
A)will be beginning/started B)will have begun/starts
C)had begun/will start D)is beginning/is starting
E)begins/has started

23-The Soviet union……….in 1917, so it ………..its 80th anniversary in 1997, had it still been in existence.
A)had been founded/celebrated
B)has founded/has been celebrating
C)was being founded/would be celebrating
D)was founded/would have celebrated
E) had founded/will be celebrating

24-The security officers at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel………..every passenger for a long time, So you………sure you arrive there at least three hours before your flight.
A)question/should make B)have questioned/made
C)will be questioned/can make D)would be questioning/make
E)are questioning/had made

25-Thomas……….on pasta and rice for ages! I hope he finds a better-paid job soon so that he…….more on food.
A)was living/should be spending B)has been living/can spend
C)had lived/could have spent D)would have lived/has to spend
E)is living/will be spending

Find the best completion
26-……………, yet I have hardly been so disappointed by anything in life.
A)I know that I am going to be the happiest man alive after we get married
B)We were looking forward to seeing one of the world’s most beautiful sights
C)My father has warned me about failing if I don’t study hard
D)I have never seen anything so beautiful as the Taj Mahal by moonlight
E)We were told that it was one of the worst restaurants in town

27-……….,which are ground, mixed with spices and fried in oil.
A)Köfte recipes vary from place to place
B) Pumpernickel is a tough and close-textured loaf
C)Lahmacun is enjoyed by many people
D)Pasta is a speciality of Italy
E)Falafel is made from chickpeas

28-Though there can be many parties in a general election, ………… .
A)the majority of the host’s acquaintances will be attending
B)a few parties would gain too much power
C)only a few of them can win seats in Parliament
D)nobody actually votes for him anyway
E) they failed to win any seats in the new government

29-………..; otherwise, there’s no way he would have known the time and place.
A)Felix must have been told about the picnic
B)Stan arrived late for his own wedding
C) You should ask Paul to come to the dance
D)Jim was aware of the staff meeting
E) Gerald can’t have been invited to the party

30-Despite the fact that everyone thinks the boss’s plan is not practical, ……….. .
A)he himself would be among the first to agree
B)many others think his ideas have quite a bit of merit
C)there is no way it can be effectively implemented
D)he is generally rather useless at such things
E)he owns the company and thus makes the decisions

31- ………….., it would be more enjoyable to do it over a week or so, and stop to enjoy the sights.
A)While the trip generally takes about seven or eight days
B)I think I can manage to finish painting the house in a day
C)We were planning to spend a fortnight driving to California
D)Though it’s possible to drive across America in two days
E)The train journey across Siberia is a very long one indeed

32-……….,as it looks as if it’s going to be raining for a while.
A)The rivers and streams are already flooding
B)There’s no point in buying a new umbrella
C)I had no idea that rain had been forecast
D)I wish I’d taken advantage of the nice weather
E)The weather in March can be quite changeable

33-After your plane lands at Sky Harbour Airport, ………… .
A)the flight is scheduled to arrive at 9.15 am.
B)your connection to Texas had been delayed
C)you’ll be taken to the Baltimore Hotel by taxi
D)the plane to Mexico was about to arrive
E)the trip has only taken about two hours

34-Harold is the director of a large company and supervises many people at work, ……….. .
A)although he has been working with the firm for twenty years
B)but at home his wife is the boss and tells him what to do
C)however, he hasn’t missed a day for illness in a decade
D)as long as he’s a hard worker and completely reliable
E)considering what an important position he’s got there

Read the passages and answer these questions
Aspirin is officially 100 years old. and yet the medicinal powers of the little white tablets are still astonishing scientists. Aspirin is the nearest thing the world possesses to a wonder drug. Swallowing an aspirin is the smartest thing anyone with the onset of a heart attack can do to improve their chances, after dialling the number for an ambulance. It is used to lower the risk of heart disease and stroke in some people; it is thought to prevent some cancers and helps rheumatoid arthritis – all this from the bark of the willow tree. Aspirin began as a herbal medicine and was patented in 1899, but Hippocrates, the Greek father of medicine, was giving women a brew made from willow to ease the pains of childbirth in the fifth century BC.

35-It can be inferred from the paragraph that……….. .
A)scientists don’t actually approve of the way people use aspirin for so many things
B)there are no medical conditions that aspirin cannot help in one way or another
C)aspirin is only effective when swallowed, and thus should never be chewed
D)though aspirin is an old medicine, new uses for it keep being discovered
E)only intelligent people are likely to realise how important aspirin is to medicine

36-According to the passage, aspirin……………. .
A)is the most common medication recommended to people with heart disease
B)can be taken by heart attack victims who can’t be bothered to call for help
C)causes some cancers, but is thought to prevent many others from developing
D)should be regularly taken even in good health
E)has a wide variety of uses, and can prevent some diseases and help others

37-Though aspirin as we know it today has been used for a century, ………. .
A)its harmful side-effects have been discovered only recently
B)in its natural form, it has been known for millennia
C)it is actually a medicine as old as human history
D)Hippocrates’ father had actually known about it ages ago
E)Its use to ease the pains of child birth is a recent application

Read the passages and mark the answer
The most popular national amusement in Burma is the pwe. This entertainment may consist of acting, singing, dancing, clowning or even puppetry. These plays are performed outdoors -most often on moonlit nights. They usually last all night for several nights in succession. The audience sits on reed mats to watch the show. The pwes are free, and more often than not are given by a wealthy individual for the entertainment of his friends and anyone else who cares to attend. The pwe plays are usually legendary tales about princes and princesses and almost always have a happy ending. Actors wear old-time court costumes and proclaim long speeches, but there is always a down to relieve any boredom. Judging by the laughter the clowns provoke, they are found really funny.

38-The author seems to be suggesting that……….. .
A)pwes are a lot more effective in daylight
B)the audience is expected to participate in the majority of pwes
C)each performer at a pwe must be good at several different art forms
D)puppetry is the most common art form to be included in a pwe
E)the audiences at pwes find the plays a bit boring at times
39-We learn from the passage that pwes………….. .
A)are a form of entertainment solely for the rich and their friends
B)cannot be attended by people who do not have their own reed mats
C)are performed by actors who come from extremely rich families
D)can be seen by anyone who’s interested, and don’t require tickets
E) were originally designed to entertain princes and princesses
40-The author concludes that the clowns at pwes are humorous………… .
A)although they wear traditional clothing and costume
B)because the pwes are so often very boring
C)as they manage to make the audience laugh a lot
D)despite the fact that they make long, tedious speeches
E)since clowns everywhere are thought to be funny

A lost tribe of Stone Age people known as the Tasaday was discovered in the tropical rain forest in the Philippines in the 1970s. The tribe consisted of 24 people, with completely unique customs and language. They displayed no aggressive tendencies, either to outsiders or each other. They reached decisions at informal meetings at which men and women spoke equally. Age alone commanded respect. They lived a nomadic existence, and knew nothing of farming. Living mostly on wild potatoes, fruits and bamboo shoots, the Tasaday derived some protein from crabs and small fish. Monkey meat was considered a delicacy to be brought out only on special occasions. Although they appeared in good health, they practised no medicine, and confessed to leaving the sick to die.

41-It is understood from the passage that the Tasaday………… .
A)are generally friendlier to strangers than they are to one another
B)have survived without the benefit of modern technology
C)look more like monkeys than humans
D)cultivated bamboo and fruits
E)discovered in the 1970s consisted of equal numbers of men and women
42-The author suggests that in Tasaday society, ………….. .
A)both sexes have equal status in decision making
B)women have similar roles to most Western cultures
C)spoke a language similar to the language of the Philippines
D)the oldest member takes decisions alone
E)the young are cared for by the old

43-It is clear from the passage that the Tasaday……….. .
A)have developed no way in which to treat illness
B)kill the sick in order to cease their suffering
C)feel guilty about their treatment of sick people
D)have a great desire to learn Western medicine
E)are not nearly as healthy as they seem to be

On her first day at the University of Nebraska, Willa Cather was mistaken for a professor. She was only 16, fresh from a small prairie town. Yet, the students were impressed when she peeked around a classroom door and asked, “Is this elementary Greek?” They had been expecting someone like this, with a deep, commanding voice, a solemn face topped with short hair, and a straw hat. So they nodded politely, then burst into laughter when the stranger entered – and proved to be a young girl. Of course, they could not know that she would grow up to be a major American writer.

44-After their first encounter with Willa Cather, the students laughed because………. .
A)she was a great American writer
B)they were impressed by the inherent humour of elementary Greek
C)her straw hat and short hair looked funny
D)she was the youngest professor they had ever seen
El they recognised their own mistake

45-At the age of sixteen, Willa Cather…………. .
A)already spoke fluent Greek
B)was impressed by the other students
C)was already a university student
D)was already a famous American writer
E)was often laughed at by other students

46-It is clear from the passage that…………. .
A)no one at the University of Nebraska realised Willa Cather’s potential
B)Willa Cather’s writing ability impressed the other students
C)even at the age of sixteen, Willa Cather was an impressive person
D)the University of Nebraska specialised in educating young, gifted students
E)straw bats were common at the University of Nebraska

There is an ancient belief that when a female wolf loses a young cub, she seeks a human child to take its place. Romulus and Remus, the legendary twin founders of Rome, were supposed to have been cared for by wolves. The idea actually became believable in the late 19th century when a French doctor found a naked ten-year-old boy wandering in the woods. He did not walk upright, could not speak intel1igently, nor relate to people: he only growled like a wolf and stared at them. Finally the doctor won the boy’s confidence and began to work with him. After many long years of devoted and patient instruction, the doctor was able to get the boy to clothe and feed himself, recognise and say a number of words, and even to write a little.

47- It is implied in the passage that………… .
A)the legend of Romulus and Remus is certainly based on reality
B)Romulus and Remus were the actual founders of Rome
C)the boy found in the woods was like a wolf in appearance but not in emotions
D)people have believed for a long time that female wolves sometimes adopt human children
E)it took a long time for the doctor to train the young wolf

48-The doctor who found the boy must have concluded that…………. .
A)the boy had possibly been raised by wolves
B)Romulus and Remus were the twins who founded Rome
C)it is not possible to train a human child who grew up in the wild
D)the boy could not speak because he was of sub-normal intelligence
E)the boy was half-human, half-wolf, with supernational powers

49-Many years after the doctor began working with the boy, ………… .
A)he soon started to behave as a normal human child does
B)he became more like a human child, but couldn’t function completely normally
C)he behaved exactly like Romulus and Remus in the legend
D)he began writing a book about his experiences living with wolves
E)his progress was too slow for the doctor to continue with the initial enthusiasm

In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman on the Earth, created by Zeus to avenge Prometheus’s theft of fire. Pandora, whose name means ‘all-gifted’, was endowed with every charm, but sent to the Earth with a very special deadly box. Prometheus was too wise to be deceived by Pandora’s beauty, but his younger brother, Epimetheus, fell in love with her and accepted the box as a wedding present fromthe gods. When Epimeteus allowed Pandora to open the box, a cloud of evils flew out, spreading death, disease and destruction throughout the world. All that remained inside the box was one small comfort – hope.

50-It can be inferred from the passage that in Greek mythology, …………. .
A)a long with the evils in the box, the gift of fire was included in it
B)women were seen to be wiser and more talented than men were
C)the gods were jealous of women’s beauty and punished them for it
D)the world was a much better place before women came into it
E)people were taught not to accept wedding gifts as they might be evil

51-It’s obvious from the passage that ………….. .
A)though she caused many problems, Epimetheus was happily married to Pandora
B)Prometheus was disappointed that Pandora was not extremely beautiful
C)Epimetheus really loved Pandora, but didn’t actually want to get married to her
D)Prometheus gave his brother a truly terrible wedding gift because he was jealous
E)Pandora won Epimetheus’s heart, though she was meant for Prometheus

52-According to the legend that’s related in the passage, hope…………. .
A)was lost when Pandora released a multitude of bad things into the world
B)was the only thing left behind to help deal with the problems released into the world
C)meant that Pandora could still manage to deceive Prometheus
D)was eliminated from the Earth by the bad things released from the box
E)was the one thing that Pandora decided not to give to the world

Find the English translation
53-Rüzgar az olduğu için, Kuzey Kutup dairesinde katlanılmaz derecede soğuk değildir.
A)The light winds within the Arctic Circle make the extreme cold bearable in winter.
B)Winters are tolerable within the Arctic Circle as there is little or no wind.
C)There is little wind within the Arctic Circle, where the winters are unbearably cold.
D)Since there is little wind, winters are not unbearably cold within the Arctic Circle.
E)The winters within the Arctic Circle are unbearably cold, but there is little wind.

54-Genel olarak insanlar, herkese açık büyük bir dünya yerine, kendilerine özgü küçük bir dünyayı tercih ederler.
A)Some humans generally favour a restricted small world, while others are in favour of a more open world.
B)In general, people prefer to stay in their exclusive small worlds rather than move towards a larger inclusive one.
C)Humans in general favour an exclusive small world rather than a large inclusive one.
D)in general, humans favour keeping their world small and exclusive, as opposed to large and inclusive.
E)Humans like to live in a narrow exclusive world rather than in a wider inclusive one.

55-Çok sert bir taş olmasına rağmen granit, diğer kayalar gibi, zamanla aşınır ve parçalanır.
A)Granite is one of the hardest stones; nevertheless, like any other rock, over time. it will wear out and crumble.
B)As time passes, granite wears out and crumbles like most other rocks, even though it is a very hard stone.
C)All rocks, even a very hard stone like granite, wear out and crumble in time.
D)Being a very hard stone, granite takes longer to wear out and crumble, just like other hard rocks.
E)In spite of being a very hard stone, like other rocks, granite wears out and crumbles in time.

56-Ben, bireyin gerçek anlamda ilerlemesinin miras kalan zenginlikle yada nüfuzlu tanıdıklarla değil, çok çalışmayla mümkün olduğuna inanıyorum
A)I’m convinced that an individual can get ahead when he really works hard, even if he doesn’t have any inherited wealth or influential acquaintances.
B)Without inherited wealth or influential acquaintances, it’s impossible. I believe, for anyone to get ahead in any real sense.
C)Even without inherited wealth or influential acquaintances, if an individual believes in himself , he can get ahead in real terms by working hard.
D)I believe that it’s possible for an individual to get ahead in a real sense by hard work, not by inherited wealth or influential acquaintances.
E)When an individual doesn’t have inherited wealth or influential acquaintances, getting ahead in any real sense has to be accomplished by hard work.

57-Bu kadar çok Amerikalı ve göçmen işçiyi Detroit’e çeken, otomobil sanayii ve onun sağladığı yüksek ücretli iş olanaklarıydı.
A)It was the automobile industry and the well-paid job opportunities it provided that attracted so many American and immigrant workers to Detroit.
B)The automobile industry provided well-paid lobs for many of the American and immigrant workers that Detroit had attracted.
C)The automobile industry attracted both American and immigrant workers to Detroit, who were hoping to find well-paid jobs.
D)Most of the American and immigrant workers that were attracted to Detroit were provided with well-paid jobs in the automobile industry.
E)When the automobile industry in Detroit expanded creating well-paid job opportunities, many American and immigrant workers were attracted there.

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