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Jackie Chan life of the English
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Jackie Chan life of the English

12 Ocak 2016 10:52
Jackie Chan life of the English



English biography of Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan was born 7th of April, in 1954, in Chan Kong-sang, in Hong Kong, China. He is actor, original, producer, director and in one word he is legend of movie. All we know him as comedy actor and as original artist. He studied in Chinese Opera Research Institute, a Hong Kong boarding school. In this school he learned art, acrobatic, drama and singing. Also he learned a very strong discipline, because if somebody has bad performance teacher has power and can punish a pupil. His first film was only at 8 years old under the name “Big and Little Wong Tin Bar”. After graduation he found job as stuntman and acrobat. He starred in the big screen of Hong Kong’s film with famous actor Bruce Lee. In this film he did danger trick where he fell down, it was the biggest fall in the history of movie industry, and by this incident he had good reviews from Bruce Lee. But in 1973 when king of Honk Kong’s big screen films legendary actor Bruce Lee died, everyone told that next hero will be Jackie Chan. Everybody compared him with Bruce Lee. Jackie was starring at the kung fu films with producer and director Lo Wei. He worked with Bruce Lee. But Jackie didn’t want that everyone saw him as Lee, and after while he took time to build and create his own style, his own way in cinematic gold. He wanted to be individual person separate from Lee.
In 1978 he released his first and famous comedy kung fu film in Asia “Drunken Master”. He proved that he is not Bruce Lee, and he has his own style. And after films such as “The Fearless Hyena” (1979), “Half a Loaf of Kung Fu” (1980), and “The Young Master” (1980) became successful and expensive actor in Hong Kong’s movie industry. He became star not only in China also in the whole Asia too. He is original actor, why?! Because he is who do tricks by himself. Not every can do danger tricks by ourselves risking their life.
After his success films he began tried himself as actor out of Asia. In the Hollywood movie industry he starred in the small films like “The Big Brawl” and “Cannonball Run”. In 1980s he became not only successful actor, he tried himself as producer own films. He produced films such as “Project A”, “Police Story”, “Armor of God”, “Canton and Lady Rose” and remake of film “A Pocketful of Miracles”. He opened his own production company under the name “Golden Way” and also he formed “Jackie’s Angels” casting agency where he looks for talent actors and stuntmen. He trained all these talented people to work as stuntman in films and under his response he paid all the medical bills. Because he knows how is hurt to break bones and break parts of body.

His time in Hollywood movie industry became when he released in English language films as “Drunken Master 2” and “Crime Story”. These films brought to him “Lifetime Achievement Award” at the MTV Movie Awards. In 1996 he released his next film “Rumble in the Bronx” which became No.1 at the box office, and collected $10 million at the first weekend. It was the first film which became successful in America. In his next films started starring played stars as Chris Tucker, Owen Wilson and Lucy Liu. He released American action comedy films such as “Rush Hour” and “Shanghai Noon”. The next film “Rush Hour 2” collected at the first weekend $15 million. In 2002 he released the film “The Tuxedo” starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. At the same year he took star on the “Hollywood Walk of Fame” and won in nomination “The Best Action Movie” at the World Stunt Awards.

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