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Light Ring Theory 
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Light Ring Theory 

15 Ağustos 2015 19:05
Light Ring Theory 



Almost every science oriented person has his own “theory of everything.” So here is mine. It has little mathematical development behind it, andI cite very few sources as far as scientific research papers are concerned, so by the standards of the “establishment,” this article is laughable.
However, if you follow along, you will note the elegance of this theory and its ability to visually explain many physical characteristics and events such as inertia, gravity, and relativistic effects, in addition to covering observations recorded in fringe science such as antigravity and scalar waves.
Furthermore, the entire theory is based on the traditional esoteric concept that matter is made of light. In its entirety, it is easy to understand, visualize, and were the reader up for the task, it would be fertile territory for mathematical exploration.
The informality of this article here is a product of its aim toward a lay audience.
The LRT is based on two fundamental concepts:
1) Matter arises from light, the speed of light being the only true velocity
2) Infinitely harmonic dimensions exist
Matter Arises from Light
A photon is a two dimensional, right-angled vector construct with electricity and magnetism comprising these vectors. Each vector oscillatesfrom positive to negative at a frequency commonly called electromagnetic (EM) frequency.

The only difference between electric and magnetic fields is their orientation in our three-dimensional space.
In addition, to the E and B(magnetic) vectors, there is also a third vector called a poynting vector, which is represents the power per unit area a beam of light carries and the direction which it travels. This poynting vector also happens to be a disguised gravity vector, in that E X B = u*S,where u is a constant yet to be found, and S is the poynting vector, shows the relationship between electricity, magnetism, and gravity. They are all at right angles. This basic idea has been promoted by many fringe science writers, and I do not claim authorship of the idea.

Note that the G-vector indicates its synonymity with the velocity of light vector; both point in the same direction. Bruce Cathie’s work into harmonics and dimensionless numbers reveals there to be an inverse harmonic relationship between gravity and speed of light, meaning they are flip sides of the same coin, just as the LRT suggests.
The relation between matter and light is logically derived as follows: if both are two forms of the same entity then the change from one to the other involves no annihilation of substance, only form.
An object such as a photon always travels at a constant speed, like the ball in a game of Pong. To simultaneously keep the ball still but allow it to maintain its speed, the ball can be made to follow a tight circular track. The track as a whole remains still while the ball continues to whiz around at its original speed.
A photon follows the same motion when it transforms into matter. The electric vector radiates in line with the radius vector, the B-vector points as the axis-vector does, and the G-vector aims tangentially.

Since the tangential velocity is constant, the rotational frequency of this “Light Ring” (LR) changes only with the circumference, area, or radius. The properties of LR’s will be discussed later.
Infinitely Harmonic Dimensions
When a solid shape casts its shadow upon a wall, its shadow is the object reduced by one dimension…from 3D to 2D. Furthermore, the shadowcan be projected onto a line, and the line into a point. It follows that the original 3D object might have been a shadow of a 4D form, and 4D of a five-dimensional shape, ad infinitum.
The idea of multiple dimensions is conceived and supported by the special theory of relativity, especially the Lorentz transformations.
Lorentz Transformation
The basis of relativity, the Lorentz transformation, describes how phenomena appears to behave to stationary observers as systems in which they occur travel at velocities near that of light. For example, objects appear “squished,” they age slower, and are said to become increasingly massive with increasing velocity. The reason for this is attributed to a physical rotation of the system through spacetime, our perceptions of the system being distorted by the misalignment, and is attributed mathematically as such:

As an object increases in velocity (v), but with the speed of light (c) remaining constant, the length(l) of the object must decrease. In actuality, the “squished” image of the object is our perception of its shadow as it rotates out of our dimension. The property and severity of the length contraction is calculated through the Pythagorean theorem.

This last equation is a factor that can be multiplied by an object’s original length to calculate its apparent length as it travels by at some velocity.
It can be seen that relativity is indeed a geometrically engendered effect, and thanks to this fact, the ideas of relativity can be taken beyond what mainstream scientists have conceived thus far.
For example, if a certain velocity represents a certain angle into the 4th spatial dimension (In the LRT, time is a dimension that is not included for practical purposes, thus 4D means one spatial dimension above ours), then a changing angle would mean both a rotation into 4D and a changing velocity vector. Interestingly, a changing velocity vector is known as acceleration, which helps explain the property of inertia.
Spatial Framework
The coordinate system and framework we will operate in for now is Cartesian in shape, and has an LR situated as such:

This diagram has our 3rd dimension represented by the x-axis. Ninety degrees from it are the fourth and fifth dimensions.
An LR is really 4-D and greater in shape. As its linear velocity increases, it rotates off the xy plane and into the xyz space (which represents a 5-D space). This rotation is identical to the one described by the Lorentz transformation.
Now, the diagram is not simply an imaginary construct, but a representation of the true physical space in which the LR’s exist.
When looking at the diagram, it can be seen that the space metered by the axis is 5-dimensional, while the xy plane is 4-D, and the x-axis represents our 3rd dimension.
This space, however, is not empty. It is permeated by a proto-field known as the ether, originally a popular concept until the Michelson-Morley experiment “proved it wrong.” This experiment, as will later be shown, never disproved the ether concept I propose.
This concept is centered about a multidimensional ether, the portion of which exists in our space being only a thin slice. In the diagram, the xyz space represents this hyper-ether (called simply ether from now on), and the plane symbolizes our space.
When an object moves through our space, it moves about in the diagram on the xy plane or x-axis, depending on the level of interpretation.
When an object accelerates, however, it actually rotates through the ether in the diagram.
Think of the diagram’s ether replaced by water, and the xy plane as a table submerged far beneath the surface. The LR is a large metal dinner tray, flat all around, on the table’s top.
Now, an object in uniform linear motion (ULM, meaning constant speed, constant direction) is analogous to the tray moving about, skimming the surface of the table. Because it slices through the water, it experiences, for analogy’s sake, no resistance, like a knife through lard.
But when an object accelerates (changes velocity), it rotates into hyperspace. The dinner tray is picked up vertically through the water, but likea parachute, it experiences much resistance to this motion.
Thus, any object accelerated undergoes a resistance in its acceleration because the ether is in the way of the object’s rotation into hyperspace.
An object in ULM, however, is slicing sideways through the ether, and therefore experiences free motion through the ether and is not hindered in our space.
The MM experiment was conducted to detect earth’s passage through a stationary ether, the flow of which was to alter the path of a beam of light.
The results were that no such drift was detected, and they concluded unfortunately that no ether existed.
This conclusion is incorrect. The experiment tested for an ether that would resist ULM in our space. The beams of light and machinery were kept relatively still, and thus in my diagram, the beams “sliced” through the ether, but did not travel perpendicularly to it, so there was no resistance encountered. Michelson and Morley were in essence searching for water by sliding the dinner tray sideways.
But, were the experimental apparatus suddenly accelerated, there would indeed be a detected alteration in the path of the beam of light.
In fact, light rays bend in gravitational fields and in accelerating frames of reference, as Einstein predicted and later had confirmed during an eclipse where stars near our sun looked “warped” from their normal positions in the sky, their light having been bent in a new direction as the photons passed near the sun’s intense gravitational field. Also, he proved mathematically that light does not escape black holes because it bends back into itself.
Furthermore, a thought experiment of Einstein’s involved accelerating an elevator in outer space, that an observer in the elevator would be pressed to the floor and not be able to distinguish between an accelerating elevator and one standing still in a gravitational field. In both cases,objects fall to the floor, and in both cases, light bends downward.
In the diagram, the accelerating elevator is rotating into the ether, and objects within it undergo inertial effects.
The big question at the turn of the century was: what is gravity? In fact, this is still an important, heavily researched question. The thinkers knew then it was similar to acceleration, but why do acceleration and gravity both exhibit the same effects in different circumstances? Some went as far as to theorize that we actually live on the inside of earth, and its rotation causes us to be pressed to the ground just as we are slung to the side door of a car when rounding a corner. They had the general idea, that a force was pressing us to the ground…
So what is the connection? The connection is as follows:
In the diagram, an acceleration is the rotation of an object composed of LR’s perpendicularly into the stationary ether, like a parachute drawn through they air.
Gravity, however, is when a stationary object is in the way of a rotating ether field, like a stead man standing waist high in a rushing river. Were he to lose his footing, he would be swept away at the linear velocity of the river; were an object to loose the ground beneath it, it would rotate along with the natural rotation speed of the ether field surrounding the planet, or in our space, falling downward at a constant rate of acceleration.
To recap: acceleration is motion against a stationary ether, and gravity is the ether’s motion against a stationary object.
The rotating ether is described as a “curl” in the hyper-dimensional ether, and as a “sink” in our 3rd dimension. Curl is a measure of vorticity (swirly-ness), and sink a measure of suction at a point. The first is exemplified by a whirlpool, and the second as a vacuum cleaner nozzle sucking in air. Both are the same phenomena, except the latter is a lower dimensional slice of the first. A whirlpool is seen as a sucking point by a flatlander. The purpose of the foregoing paragraph is to hint at a mathematical quantization of the seemingly qualitative properties described here.
My theory supports the idea of gravity being mostly a “push” from above, and is in agreement with another theory stating that masses shield other masses from this etheric rays such that two bodies are pushed together since each is in the other’s shadow. Thus, masses are gravity sinks.
As far as the multidimensional arrangement of reality is concerned, at velocity v = 0, the LR is at angle 0. When an LR accelerates, it rotates continuously away from the x axis or xy plane, and when it stops accelerating to travel forth at a constant velocity, it stays at the angle at which it quit accelerating. So different angles represent different velocities; the higher the angle, the higher the velocity (at non-relativistic speeds). Since energy of an object is 1/2 mass * velocity^squared, higher angles also denote higher energies.
In fact, it is a principle of the LR that one unit of angle is proportional to the square root of one unit of energy per unit mass. But since mass here is the same for all LR’s in this analogy, we can say that one unit of angle is relatively proportional to one unit of energy only. Since at v = 0, Angle A = 0, and at v = c, A = 1, we can say the following:

Therefore, with every input of energy for the LR, it will rotates some angle “A” into hyperspace. For objects of varying mass, the rotation differs as A = energy / mass. So a 2 kg rock given 2 joules of energy will be approximately twice the angle of a 4 kg rock given the same energy to set it into motion.
One might wonder what would happen if the energy increases such that the angle reaches 1…would the object then be travelling at the speed of light?
Dimensional Ascension
This brings us to another feature of the theory. An object does not rotate simply from our dimension directly into the next. While it is in 4-D, it is partly in 5-D also, and 6-D to a lesser degree, and 7-D to an even lesser one.
The object we see speeding by us is spread across many dimensions, but the majority of this distribution resides in certain dimensions, which ones depending on velocity.
For example, an object at rest almost entirely occupies our three dimensions and is only 4th and 5th dimensional enough not to disappear entirely. This is because if we shave a shape down to a thin plane, and continue shaving away, if it’s thickness is 0, it no longer exists, so it must have some infinitesimal thickness. But as the object speeds up toward higher velocities, all we begin to see is the shadow it leaves behind, its image projected from the higher dimension which is yet another image of a still higher dimension…each projection is a little more contracted than the one closer to the original.

In this illustration, a is shorter than b which is shorter than c because c is at a higher dimension than b, which is higher in dimension than a.

But a unit of angle is still a unit of angle. One can turn ten degrees to the left, right, up or down, back and forth, and there is nothing significant about the direction. likewise, one can turn ana or kata (the equivalent of up or down into hyperspace) by the same ten degrees and not undergo anything unique.
The same is true for energy, since energy is proportional to angle. What we see of an LR at a certain angle, velocity, or energy is but a projection, and as an object nears the speed of light, its collections of dimensions (in our case, the object would consist of three dimensions) are found at such high dimensions that all we see in our sets of dimensions is a thin sliver of the original.

So as a spaceship, for example, adds more fuel to its thrusters, while already going near the speed of light, it actually does increase in velocity by the same amount as when it left the runway, contrary to the Theory of Relativity. This increase in velocity, however, is primarily in the n-th dimension and space, and the part we see in our dimension is only a tiny fraction of it. We see only a small part of its total acceleration.
Thus, we never actually observe objects reach the speed of light, since they must be at an infinite dimension to result in an angle of v/c = 1.
An LR does not rotate simply from the x axis to the vertical z axis and can be claimed to have easily reached the speed of light. It instead spirals upward, then anaward, then hyperanaward, etc… and all that happens in the original diagram is that it appears to rotate more slowly the closer it gets to the z axis since most of the energy put into making the LR go faster makes it go faster in a distant higher dimension, not the dimensions in the diagram.
Mass Increase
But since orthodox scientists do not know about dimensional ascension, how can they account for objects requiring more energy to increase their velocities by the same increment as when they began accelerating from standstill? How do they explain that a rocket ship throws fuel into its boosters but appears to accelerate less at relativistic speeds? Well, they know that E = 1/2 m*v^2, and momentum p = mv, and that energy must be conserved, so they believe what their incomplete equations tell them to believe, that mass increases with increasing velocity. In other words, at high velocities, because the object is heavier, more energy is needed to make it go faster. Or so it seems.
Were dimensional ascension adopted, there would be no need for the concept of “relativistic mass increase.” In fact, when an object is said to gain mass, it is also said to not exhibit any greater gravitational effects. Now, we all know that things weigh more on Jupiter than they do on Mars, because Jupiter is more massive for its size than Mars. So what makes reality weird enough to circumvent this law of gravitation andallow relativistic masses to increase but not have greater gravitational fields?
Nothing. Reality is not weird; it is simple, elegant, precise, and beautiful. It is more logical, and less complicated to assume that masses ascend dimensionally than to say they stay within our dimension but magically increase in mass because the math appears to state so. Ockham’s razor applies here, which says that the simple explanation is more likely to be correct [which does not apply to conspiracy theories since the conspirators use Ockham’s Razor to mask their actions with simple explanations, known as plausible deniability].
But, to follow the law of conservation of energy, we must somehow still be able to see evidence of the energy put into an LR in our dimension even while it is at a far higher one. Indeed, the energy shows up as an increase in the amplitude of the photons comprising the LR.
Multidimensionality of the Photon
In the Light Ring Theory, a property of a photon includes it travelling at a constant velocity when free, and when bound as part of an LR, it has certain amplitudes dependent upon the linear velocity of the LR. Therefore, since free photons in vacuum travel at constant velocities, they have constant amplitudes no matter their frequencies, which any physics book will tell you.
Since energy increase is proportional to dimensional angle increase, a high energy photon is at a higher angle than a low energy photon. The energy of a photon is E = h*f, where h is Planck’s constant, and f is frequency. As one can see, the energy of a photon is entirely dependent upon its frequency. This is in agreement with the LRT. When a photon, illustrated below, is at a greater angle, its projection onto our space (represented by the x-axis) appears more “scrunched” than the photon at a lower angle. The closer the peaks and troughs are to one another, the higher the frequency. So, the greater the angle, the greater the energy, and the greater the frequency, just as the equation above points out.

What we see of a photon is what is left after a nearly infinite dimensioned “superphoton” has cast its shadow downward from dimension to dimension until it is visible in ours. In other words, all photons are the same in their true forms, and since everything is made of LR’s, and LR’s are constructs of photons, everything is essentially the same thing…all is one.
When an LR gains high velocity, the whole entity has rotated into a higher dimension, the photons trapped within the LR, also. As it rotates, we see a change in the superphotons’ properties such that when projected into our 3-D space, we simply see a ring of photons with greater amplitude than when each photon traveled at c (equivalent to the photons being free in vacuum, or bound in an LR at standstill). This is all rather esoteric, but sticking to what we can see of the superphoton is more practical than studying light rays based on their divine source.
Energy and Fields
Electric, gravitational, and magnetic fields are all different geometric motions, directions, and distortions within the (hyper) ether. As said earlier, electric and magnetic fields differ only in the direction which their distortions point, with gravity as a curl in the hyperether and a sink in the ordinary ether.
As far as the visible projection of an LR is concerned, the extra amplitude of an LR’s photons can be “unloaded” into this ether to create new swirls and LR’s within it…more will be discussed on this shortly.
All energy can be quantized as angle, and when two particles are at different potentials within a field (be it two masses at different heights or separated by some distance, or a negative electron and positive proton, or two magnets close but not touching) they are separated by an angle proportional to their potential energies. Earlier, angle referred strictly to kinetic energy, but potential energy also contributes to angle.
In a gravitational field, a potential difference is exemplified by a mass being some height above the earth. The potential energy in this case is mass*gravitational acceleration*height. The angle would be where G is the universal gravitational constant, M is mass of the planet, h is height of the object above the surface of the planet, r is the planet’s radius, and c is the speed of light.
In view of the LRT, an object at some height above us is rotationally and dimensionally separated from us.
The same is true of particles in electric and magnetic fields. In general, two objects are at different dimensions when there is some potential energy between them.
Time Dilation due to Uniform Linear Motion
Length contraction and mass increase have already been discussed.
As for time dilation, the explanation lies in the area (or volume since the LR is really not a ring, but a hypersphere) of an LR always remaining constant no matter how it is viewed or from what dimension. So if an LR is at a high velocity, and all we see is its squished appearance, but the area stays constant, then the circumference must increase. This sounds a lot like orthodox scientists pointing to energy equations and claiming mass being the only property that can and does change…which means the LRT might be incomplete when explaining time dilation…
Since a photon can travel at c, and since circumference becomes greater, then the overall cyclical frequency of the LR decreases. In other words, it takes a photon more time to go around the perimeter of an LR because the perimeter has gotten longer from our perception, but in proper reality, the photon still travels at the same speed as before. Thus, a clock flying past us would appear to be moving slower, and those traveling with the clock would observe our clocks on the ground doing likewise.
It is another feature of the LRT that time is measured by the frequency of an LR, and that slowing the cyclical frequency of an LR slows its apparent time. Outside of an LR, there is only hyperether and photons, both of which are timeless; hyperether because no observation tool is composed of unperturbed hyperether, and photons because they have no cyclical frequency and since they travel at c, have infinite time dilation. Thus, the only entities capable of defining time as we know it are LR’s. Measuring time by the speed of light is misleading; our time andthe time measured by the speed of light do not correspond due to relativistic effects since light and matter are of opposite form. By clocking time by the cyclical frequency of matter, we gain a better understanding as to what happens when matter ascends dimensionally.
Time Dilation during Acceleration
During ULM, objects appear to one another as aging more slowly, which leads to the twin paradox. If twin B leaves twin A near light speeds,and returns, he is younger than twin A, since twin A saw B move away and come back, and saw his clock tick slower. But, twin B saw A leave him and return as the earth fell away beneath his spacecraft, meaning A would be younger. So who is younger?
Well, the key to solving this paradox is that only twin B was accelerating. You see, uniform linear motion causes one to perceive the other’s time as dilated, but it is acceleration which actually makes one younger than the other. So, whichever twin has to fire his thrusters is the one who will be younger when they meet again.
The LRT explains this beautifully, much like ordinary relativity explains time dilation during uniform linear motion.
A stationary light ring, or one moving at a constant velocity through space, has a certain cyclical frequency which determines how quickly it ages. If this frequency is altered within the LR itself, it will likewise change the rate of aging. During acceleration, an LR moves at a constant angular rotation (not to be confused with cyclical frequency) through the hyperether until the acceleration stops.
Now, visualize one photon moving in a circle and note how long it takes to make one cycle. When we apply acceleration, this photon moves upward and traces out a helical path, all the while maintaining its velocity of c. But before it comes back around 360 degrees, it has traced a longer path in the helix than when it was stationary and merely moving in a circle. A longer path length and constant velocity results in a longer time to complete one cycle compared to stationary LR’s.
Thus, the LR within twin B traced a helix as he was accelerating into outerspace, when he turned around, and when he slowed before landing. His LR’s traced out longer path lengths than twin A, and thus did not complete as many revolutions, resulting in his younger appearance.
As a side note, perhaps it would be possible to accelerate one electron with respect to another, such that when they meet their difference in time dilation would result in a 180 degree phase shift among their LR’s, causing them to annihilate.

Multidimensionality of Reality
To explain the next section, we must first analyze how reality is constructed. The diagram we have been using to illustrate how LR’s rotate are applicable only to our reality. In order of archetypical-ness, there are multiple timelines, realities, universes and spaces. Equivalently, there are more spaces (dimensions) than universes, more universes than realities, and more realities than timelines. Our diagram can only show some of the spaces, and awkwardly illustrate a few of the other universes, such as the antimatter universe and negative matter universe. Because reality is so holographic, hierarchical, and web-like, there is no perfect analogy or diagram to illustrate all of it.
Full Structure of the Light Ring
In addition to a circular (hyperspherical) arrangement of photons, there are several more properties to be mentioned about an LR.
First, no light ring is created or exists alone. It always has a counterpart, and is one pole of a double-LR structure. The entire light ring structure (LRS) looks like an hourglass, or like two cones joined at the base, or two vortices linked by their tails that spin in opposite directions across the symmetry line.

The diagram shows two LRS’s and four poles all together, each having its own unique spin and flow directions. The significance of these orientations will become evident as follows.
Electric Monopoles and Magnetic Dipoles
No magnetic monopoles have yet been observed, meaning that all things magnetic have both a north and a south pole, but never one alone. Electric charges, however, are often found by themselves as in an electron with a solitary negative charge. Why is this?
It is known that electrons in motion produce magnetic fields, and that at the speed of light, these electrons would become pure magnetic dipoles giving off no electric field, only magnetic. The reverse is also true. As mentioned earlier, the difference between E and B is an angle of 90 circular degrees or 1 in our convention. Also, velocities result in angular separations, so it follows that electrons rotate 90 degrees to appear as magnetic dipoles. Additionally, the LR-structure explains why only magnetic dipoles are found. What we observe of an LR depends on its “slice” we observe, so in this diagram, all we observe is a ball with radiating electric field lines.

Since only one pole of the LRS in this case is in our universe, we observe a monopole. The other pole is in the negative universe. But when the LR-structure undergoes a 90 degree rotation, we observe flux entering one side and exiting the other, the arrangement being a dipole.

As the angle ranges between 0 and 90 degrees, different proportions of E to B (E = B*c) are observed as the LR/electron is moving at various velocities.
Attracting Electric Particles
With two particles comes diagrams of two LR-structures. When these particles are separated by a distance and are of opposite polarity of charge, they attract, and thus have a potential difference between them. They have the potential to move toward one another if the restraining force keeping them apart is released. For example’s sake, they are arranged as such:

As can be seen, the ether distortions follow a complementary path, i.e., the emanation of one LRS’s pole is the influx of the other LRS, and they therefore attract.
Attracting Magnetic Particles
The situation is similar, except the flow of flux from one structure must equal the direction of flow toward another structure. In other words, one LRS must jet out flux while the other LRS takes it in. If both blow or suck (yeah, haha), then they repel.

Obviously, what all of this refers to is the north and south poles of a magnet. Opposite poles attract, and similar ones repel; no big surprise there, except orthodox science calls it “action at a distance” and resorts to complex quantum mechanics to explain how two magnets repel without contacting one another. The LRT simply uses the concept of ether flux to explain this.
One might ask why the flux from a magnet does not influence all masses, since gravity was said earlier to be a flux. This is because the direction of flux of a magnet is within our dimension, not perpendicular to it. Gravity is a stream of water pushing down on the dinner tray, while the flux from a magnet is merely skimming along the top of the tray, leaving the tray unmoved. Also, due to the parallel flux, a magnetic field does not perform work, since work is the expenditure of energy and no energy is expended when LR’s are not forced to rotate. Any physics book will state that magnetic fields do no work, unlike electric fields, which once again is in agreement with the LRT.
Since energy is proportional to angle, if there is an angular separation, there is a magnetic potential difference. Since the two LRS’s attract in such a way that the angle between them is forcibly reduced, the real-world equivalent would be two magnets attempting to reduce the potential energy between them, which can only be accomplished if the distance between them is reduced. Therefore, magnets of opposite polarity attract.
Gravitational Attraction
Two facing poles spin, most often in the same direction:

The ether between and surrounding the poles also spin, in a vorticial manner, at the frequency of the LR’s cyclical rotation.
Dissonance between the frequencies of the poles is disfavored by nature, and the poles seek attraction by virtue of their sympathetic oscillations, by their equalities in frequencies when their separation angles are small.
For example, a particle far above a planet is at a greater angle from the planet than one on the ground. Because of this angle, time differs for the higher object relative to both the ground object and the planet itself. and since LR’s seek equality of frequency with other LR’s, the object is attracted toward the planet’s center of gravity such that the angle reduces and hence the frequencies become more equal due to the reduction in relativistic time dilations. This form of gravity, then, is a direct response to time dilation. Special relativity explains general relativity.
This is the second component to gravity, the first being the curl/sink phenomena whereby objects are pushed toward earth by ether flow.
In summary, gravity is caused both by sympathetic attraction of vertical rotation of two LR’s, and the curl of such a system which manifests itself as a sink whereby ether flows from outer space (actually from hyperspace) toward the center of the earth (actually center of each LR) which in turn presses all masses toward the earth and slightly toward one another. So gravity is both a push and a pull.
There are at least two methods to achieving antigravity effects: emulation and worming.
Emulation is when a disk is spun horizontally, and the arrangement produces an ether flux just as an LR-structures does. An example of this is the rotating superconducting disk antigravity effect first noticed in Finland a few years ago, or the gyroscopes experimented with in Japan that lost or gained weight depending on direction of rotation, or John Searl’s disks.
Second, we have worming. As shall be described in the Coanda article (check this site to see if it is yet written), smoke rings roll their way through the air, but LRS pairs can roll their way through the hyperether given the correct geometric arrangement. One of such devices is the biefeld-brown gravitator.
The biefeld-brown effect is evident in high voltage, parallel plate capacitors usually charged to >100kV DC. This “gravitator” will usually accelerate toward the positive plate.
The simplest gravitator is an electric dipole: (small diagram of dipole) separated physically by vacuum or dielectric. Because there is potential energy between the dipoles, they are angularly separated, and it is this separation which explains why the gravitator moves.
Other theories exist seeking to explain the biefeld-brown effect, one of which proposes the electron orbits within the dielectric between the electrodes distorting and biasing into an eccentric elliptical shape whereby the inequality of motion of the electron acts as a centrifugal rectifier propelling the entire device forward. This theory fails in that the biefeld-brown effect still occurs when vacuum is the dielectric, and there are obviously no electrons in vacuum, and thus no distorted orbits to propel gravitators forward.
The LRT diagram of an electric dipole separated by an angle looks as such:

A separation allows flux leakage which is more localized to the reality plane than a closed system where the flux has to span much farther andis evident on the far poles of the LR-structure. As will be mentioned next, the far poles of an LR structure are not in our universe, but represent poles existing in our anti-universes and negative universes.
So, looking at the diagram above, the system’s geometry allows flux outside the LRS to flow in the same direction. This flux is a hyperether flux,and the entire system treads or “worms” its way through the hyperether as a smoke ring through air, or if it is stationary in our space, it channels hyperether around itself as normal masses do and generates gravity. If the plates are not charged with high voltage, then the two poles are virtually atop one another, allowing no flux leakage outside the circumference of the LR’s and thus no reactive force against the hyperether.
In other words, this arrangement either accelerates toward the positive pole or emits gravitational fields if stationary. The behavior of its worming upward or downward in angle means that in our space, it is constantly gaining energy, accelerating. This particular example demonstrates the possibility of free energy when devices tap into the ever-present flux ether, the trick being in engineering devices to channel the perpendicular flux into our dimensions.
One might ask why two attracting magnets at a fixed distance allowed to move freely do not worm their way through our space. It is because magnetic dipoles are LR’s lying sideways, their full lengths intersecting our reality plane, whose flux leakage is parallel to this plane and not perpendicular as in the diagram above. Thus, two magnets cannot worm their way into the hyperether or gain angular separation andaccelerate as a gravitator because their direction of flux is not in the direction of angular movement.
Einstein-Rosen Bridge within LRS
Potential characteristics of an Einstein-Rosen bridge include rotation, vorticity, and connectivity between locations separated by space, even if those locations are in alternate universes. It is hereby hypothesized that the double inverted vortex connecting the two poles of an LRS is in fact this Einstein-Rosen bridge. One pole exists in this space, and the other in our negative universe (as opposed to anti-universe, where only the charges are opposite).
As is known, the Casimir effect consists of particles and antiparticles emerging from vacuum and immediately annihilating. In other words, out of zero potential come forth a particle and antiparticle, demonstrating the principle of symmetry. However, the particles and antiparticle both exist in this space, neglecting the question of how symmetry applies to the concept of a negative universe. Symmetry, it so happens, includes not only particle and antiparticle duality, but particle and negative-particle duality.
In the diagram showing the two LRS types, please notice features relating antimatter to matter to negative matter. The spin direction andelectric field directions differ between matter and antimatter, but the handed-ness of the fields distinguish matter from negative matter. In other words, one uses the right-hand rule in the positive universe and left-hand rule in the negative. Within each of these universes, positive or negative, the spin and field directions differ.
Also, note that in either of the two LRS types, one pole is right handed while the other is left handed. One pole is in a positive universe, and the other in a negative universe — thus, the vortex structure between them is a bridge between those universes, an Einstein-Rosen bridge.
Scalar Fields and Waves
The following information is partially paraphrased from an article by Rick anderson, published in Leading Edge International Research Journal, Issue 127.
Electromagnetic waves propagate through space at the speed of light, the amplitude of the wave depending upon which point of the wave is measured at what particular time. If one isolated the space component, or made the time part zero, one would have a “frozen” wave, lookinglike a stationary sine wave. Between two close points on the wave, a potential difference, or gradient, exists since the amplitudes are different. The electric field at point A could be 100 Volts/meter while that at point B could be 20 Volts/meter. and no matter how long one waited with the voltmeter probes at points A and B, the wave would not be moving and thus the readings would not change from one minute to the next since the spatial component is isolated and time is irrelevant.
Now, an ordinary travelling wave has neither component isolated, and thus the wave varies with both. However, going to the other extreme, one can isolate the time component and make space irrelevant.
Such a wave is characterized by no potential gradient existing between any two points, only by time. One can place the probes anywhere andget a potential difference of zero, or if a probe is grounded, one would measure a voltage X at all points on this wave, which looks like a flat line. However, a moment of time later, the voltage would increase or decrease to Y, with all points on the wave having that amplitude. More simply, the wave looks like a flat line bobbing up and down as time passes. Such a wave is a scalar wave.
The significance of a scalar waves are many. For one, all points on the wave drop or rise simultaneously, regardless the distance between two points used for potential difference measurements. Therefore, a scalar wave has infinite propagation speed. If the speed were not infinite, then the potential at a far distance would be different from that at the wave disturbance’s excitor since the disturbance has not yet reached that point. Scalar waves, then, allow superluminal communication.
Production of scalar waves has been a process causing many bloodied foreheads in the layman alternative science communities, and Tom Bearden has failed to disclose necessary secrets required to fully utilize the potential scalar fields have to offer. This is beside the point however, since a simple method indeed produces scalar waves, though not at the efficiency that could be reached were we to know what Bearden knows.
The simple method, devised by Bearden, is to glue two button magnets together, north to north, then wrapping the sandwich in magnet wireand sending a pulsed current through the coil. Also, the caduceus coil, which is nothing more than the equivalence of two oppositely wound coils on one ferrite core, produces the same effect, as well as a bifilar wound coil. Simply put, two opposing magnetic fields are used as a static magnetic field, and the third coil provides modulation of that field at a direction perpendicular to both.
Visualize two jets of water colliding head on. The resulting splash is in a plane perpendicular to the two streams, and so it is with magnetic fields. The original, 3-D orthogonal magnetic fields “collide” and produce a 4-D magnetic field (or electric, if it is an EM wave), which will be shown in the next paragraph to be a scalar wave.

As you will note in the diagram above, an EM scalar wave is travelling perpendicularly to our reality plane — it intersects our 3-D reality axis. Since magnetic and electric fields are at right angles, only the electric field, in this case, is apparent in our space. The magnetic field is at right angles and extends into the y-axis direction, the fourth dimension, which is why we do not perceive it, and why scalar waves are said to be a single component of a full electromagnetic wave. As the wave propagates, the amplitude on the reality axis varies, even though the location of intersection does not. This is the very definition of a scalar wave. Thus, magnetic fields collide (or cross mathematically by means of a cross product) to produce and orthogonal EM wave whose direction so happens to characterize it as a scalar wave.
In the article featured on this site, the Philadelphia Experiment, the author proposed the concept of enveloping an object within a magnetic hyperbubble. The concept used in Project Rainbow directly relates to scalar waves, as the preceding discussion evidences. The delta-T antenna utilizes a similar process, that of orthogonal waves interacting to produce a hyperdimensional field.
Just as 3-D waves cross to produce 4-D (actually 5-D in the diagram) waves, so can 5-D waves cross again to convert back to 3-D or 4-D. The application of weaponry employing scalar technology is truly devastating. By directing where two scalar waves intersect and thus cross, a remote source of EM energy can be created. A scalar rifle could create an explosive ball of EM behind any barrier, since the scalar waves themselves are not in this dimension and consequently bypass the barrier as one would hop over a fallen tree branch. Once the scalar waves “go over” the barrier, they recombine into ordinary EM waves, frying whatever lies beyond.
Black Holes
Scientists’ calculations show black holes (often) to be singularities of 0-D which have infinite mass density, and allow no matter or light to escape them beyond a certain radius known as the schwarzschild-radius due to their intense gravitational fields which closes off space around the black hole in such a way that light cannot escape this boundary.
Because of these qualities, we can say that black holes are almost rotated 90 degrees from all dimensions, and that such a black hole almost occupies dimension infinity. Because a black hole still has measurable mass and a definite schwarzschild radius, and because it fails to destroy information, it is not actually rotated a full 90 degrees, nor is it a singularity as scientists with their incomplete equations claim.
So what is a black hole? It is the merger of many LR’s into one macroscopic light ring. As more light rings are swallowed by the black hole, it ascends dimensionally, approaching the limit of 90 degrees where the protogenic superphoton state lies. Recall the superphoton; it is the single photon at 90 degrees whose projection into lower dimension produces our ordinary photons and all of physical reality as we know it.
We are now entering the realm of metaphysics.
An LR’s counterpart exists in the negative universe, the two LR’s being joined by an Einstein-Rosen bridge. In the case of a black hole, the same hourglass geometry applies, except this macroscopic Einstein-Rosen bridge is physically accessible to us, whereas in the previous case of LR/quantum scales, the bridge was smaller than the diameter of an LR and therefore non-influential toward ordinary matter.
where does this negative universe lie?
Nature of the Negative Universe
It is said here that antimatter and matter can exist simultaneously in the same universe, the only difference being charge and spin direction of their LR’s. Energy can translate into two LR’s, one normal and the other antimatter, within the same interval of time but in different locations, meaning there is spatial symmetry.
However, there are also normal and negative-matter LR’s formed, but these are in the same location but in different times. whereas matter andantimatter form at the same time but separate locations, matter and negative matter form in the same universe (space) except one is created now and the other later, demonstrating temporal symmetry.
from the preceding discussion, it would seem that the “negative” and “positive” universes are somehow separated by space, that this “negative” universe is far away and only accessible through black holes or that it lies in another dimension — which is a misperception.
The negative universe is not elsewhere in space, but elsewhere in time. You see, this positive universe we exist within is only temporary…it willeventually undergo a Big Crunch where all matter is swallowed up into a single black hole. Scientists say there is inadequate mass in this universe to cause it to contract under its own gravitational pull, but what they fail to realize is that beyond a certain boundary the universe repeats and all matter entering it emerge from the other side of the universe. It is this boundary which is shrinking, not the distance between galaxies, and therefore a Big Crunch will indeed occur — either by galaxies pulling themselves together or by hurtling toward the boundary andapproaching one another from the other side. Regardless of this little tangent, there is one last important point to be made which will explainwhere in time our negative universe exists.
Time will one day reverse. The positive and negative universe are like two halves of the same sine wave; first, the universe runs on positive time, then everything reverses and it goes the other way. But will people one day walk backwards and regress in reverse toward the womb? No, just as drivers on the other side of the street are not driving backwards. In fact, in the negative universe which will emerge into existence several billion (or even trillion) years from now, everything will seem as normal as our world seems normal to us. The only major difference is that physics will follow the left-hand rule instead of the right-hand, but it certainly will not amount to objects falling up or eggs unscrambling. likethe drivers on the opposite lane, they are only backward from our point of view — and they think the same of us — but within each lane, the views are the same. Special relativity seems to explain more than Einstein ever imagined.
If, say, we were privy to a peek into the negative universe, we would see objects falling up and eggs unscrambling, but this would not violate their laws of physics since those events occurred in their universe, and since their perception of time is also opposite ours, they would perceive these events in the correct direction.
Now, matter and negative matter are separated by time, but united in space (not in the actual x,y,z coordinate, but within the same timeline), so when a positive particle is created, its negative particle is created sometime in the future when the universe is in its negative stretch.
Since black holes are macroscopic light rings connected to an Einstein-Rosen bridge leading to their future negative counterpart and because black holes are such intense dimensional “stairways” or gates to the single superphotonic state, it serves as an intersection between universesand dimensions. Normally, we as inhabitants of a positive universe are never exposed to the negative universe, and thus our laws of physicsand the negative laws of physics are separated by time and objects within each have no chance to interact with the other. Within the schwarzschild radius, however, the universes intersect and the negative laws of physics may interact with positive matter or vice versa, causing positive matter to repel under antigravity instead of the usual gravity until their subatomic structure is realigned in accordance with the universe once they escape the schwarschild radius into the negative universe.
White Holes and Worm Holes
As matter falls into a black hole, we see it slowing in time the closer it gets to the center, until eventually it is frozen in time. Because this time dilation is a relativistic effect, and since relativistic mass increase is illusionary, when matter falls into a black hole the total mass and energy of the black hole increases only by how much fell into it, and the gravity field increases by the same proportion. So a black hole is a conglomerate of matter “frozen in time,” each frozen piece of which still allows its mass to contribute to the overall gravitational field of the entire black hole.
This matter will remain frozen “forever” by our standards, but actually only remains so until time reverses and our universe turns negative. At that point, the black hole will reverse and spew all matter back out because each piece of matter within the black hole was and is temporarily positive matter under the influence of physical laws of a negative universe, an interaction only possible within the schwarzschild-radius.
In effect, the negative universe’s astronomers observe cosmic bodies ejecting matter, which soon aggregate and behave like any other ordinary matter in that universe. What they are observing is positive matter having been swallowed into a black hole within the previous (positive) phase of the universe interacting violently with the new negative physical laws and exploding under antigravitic pressure beyond the schwarzschild-radius, immediately becoming negative matter past that radius and further ejecting into space, now as negative matter which obeys those negative laws as positive matter obeys positive physical laws.
What the astronomers are viewing is indeed a white hole.
Black holes have critical mass before they explode, that mass being equivalent to all the mass/energy in this universe. Such a state is only possible at the moment of Big Crunch. Time reverses then, laws reverse, and the black hole explodes in a Big Bang.
The black holes we see today are miniature versions of the Big Crunch black hole, except these do not explode. They are quasi-static macroscopic light rings which suck up matter and channel them into their future selves, white holes or light rings with similar spin but opposite handedness. Black holes and white holes, then, are smaller parts of a greater process of creation cycle that ends and begins in a Big Crunchand Big Bang.
Thus, those who argue over Big Bang vs. “constant creation of matter via white holes” is moot since both sides are correct, as are the issues of an expanding or contracting universe mentioned above.
Wormholes are Einstein-Rosen bridges through space, linking or acting as a short cut through two locations in this positive universe. Black/white holes are Einstein-Rosen bridges through time, linking the present positive universe to the future negative universe.
Black Holes as Time Machines
It would be inappropriate to say that the Einstein-Rosen bridge linking a black to white hole is actually a tunnel into the future. It acts more like a cryogenic chamber which keeps one in suspended animation until some future time is reached and the cryogenic process is undone.
Matter that has fallen into a black hole is kept in suspended animation (from our perspective) since its time slows down to a virtual stop. This matter continues to fall into the black hole while the universe outside the black hole progresses onward through time at an increasingly faster pace relative to that falling matter. eventually, the universe has contracted into the Big Crunch and explodes into the negative universe. The matter then repels as explained previously and continues on its normal rate of time since it is external to the black (actually, white) hole andfree to form galaxies, planets, and stars.
LRT metaphysics
Make no mistake about it — flying into a black hole with a spaceship will guarantee your brains ripping into its constituent particles due to intense gravitational gradients. Your soul, however, will not perish, but instead meet the same fate it shall upon death: return to the Creator state
You might have noticed something. “Creator state” is equivalent to “superphoton state,” suggesting that the superphoton is actually God itself, which introduces the subject of consciousness to this discussion.
So far, this article detailed the rules or physical reality, which is a tidy collection of principles in a neat little box. Outside of the box these rules break down, as quantum physicists are discovering. Quantum physics is a method of quantifying the unquantifyable, where the only predictable order amid the subatomic sea of chaos is found in statistically analyzing a system’s possible states of existence.
LRT metaphysics is entirely compatible with LRT physics, the first being closer to mysticism and the latter to orthodox science, though both are perfectly compatible with one another and non-dualistic. The transition between one and the other is smooth, elegant, and non-contradictory. The first explores “why?” and the latter answers “how?”
Definition of God
God, consciousness, oversoul, superphoton, Creator, Alpha Node, etc… are all synonymous terms. So what is this God?
First, God is pure potentiality, this concept originating elsewhere but whose veracity necessitates its unoriginal use in this article. It is a superphoton with potential to be anything at anytime, to experience anything within physical limitations. The key to this concept is that God is not everything already, but is in the process of becoming one with everything. A seed is potentially a tree, but it is not a tree until it has time to grow. likewise, God is potentially everything, but cannot be so unless it has time to infuse itself within all matter and energy. This also why “time” even exists.
Second, God is eternal order and transitory chaos. When flipping a coin or watching an animal do what it does, it is impossible to always predict exactly what will happen next. It is chaotic, but only transitorily so, for collecting data over long periods of time will allow one to gather an idea a certain behavior’s probability. If the system’s behavior is studied for an infinite period of time, its probability is perfectly comprehended,and is no longer chaotic when viewed in light of such an extended period. True chaos is God in action and creation. If all behavior were mechanical and perfectly predictable, with no evidence of chaos, then there is no originality, creativity, or creation resulting from that behavior. God’s motive is to explore its own potential and gain all information, knowledge, wisdom, and experience there is to be gained, thus chaos is the only path to reach such a goal.
Third, God is negentropic synergy. Negentropy is characteristic of a process organizing random, uniform, stagnant systems into organized, interesting, lively ones. Synergy describes getting more out than in. Together, negentropic synergy means that the influence of God causes matter and energy to organize into complex systems, allowing more varied forms of expression with greater complexity of those systems. For example, one of these systems is the human brain, and another is humanity. Both are complex and non-uniform in function, as well as chaoticand dynamic.
Were there no God, all rock would eventually turn to dust and matter would decay into energy. Rather, rock is quarried by humans and made into works of art or buildings to house the functions of society. In particle accelerators, energy is converted to matter, etc… The probability of each of these things happening in such ways without conscious intent (the influence of God) is virtually zero.
In thermodynamic systems, entropy (random energy distributed among the molecules in the form of heat which is unusable for further work) can only be decreased if energy is added to the system, as in electricity running an air-conditioner which forces the house to cool while expelling hot air (entropy would be evident when your house warms to the same temperature as the air outdoors). In social systems, God’s influence is equivalent to this electricity, but informational, rather than electrical in nature. Thus, God is counter-decay and anti-entropy.
Holographic Nature of God
The concept of a holographic universe is not novel, but once again, it is truth and therefore included here.
All LRS’s are composed of photons, each being a projection of the superphoton, God. As mentioned earlier, the superphoton is at a near infinite dimension, casting its image downward to the next lower dimension, which in turn casts its image downward, etc… until it reaches this space and we see it as the usual ExB photon illustrated in physics books. God’s dilemma since the dawn of time was how to compact its virtual infinite self into a finite form.
God cannot perceive itself — its focus is always forward, never back, because it is pure potentiality and like a tree never regresses back into a seed. In fact, God is like the photon it projects, which always travels forward at a constant speed and never slows or stops. But the conversion of a photon to a particle of matter is equivalent to God converting itself to a point of self-aware consciousness.
A photon becomes a “stationary” particle by circling in a ring like a dog chasing its tail. likewise, God with its focus narrow as a laser beam becomes self-aware by circling or spiraling inward about itself. A photon is not bound by inertia like matter, and God is not bound by self-awareness like a solitary mind. The ultimate goal of God is to unite itself with all matter, such that it can become self-conscious of its true form. Presently, individual minds are only self aware of their minor selves, which are poor holograms of God — this idea is explained as follows.
First exists a physical object. Using two lasers, and interference pattern is created on photographic film which is an image of the object. This film can be cut into smaller pieces, each of which contain the full picture of the original object, only at a lower resolution. Upon further reducing the size of the pieces, the image becomes so incoherent that only the most general features of the original object are discernable.
likewise, there first exists the superphoton, which projects its image downward into the lower dimensions. Finally the image cast reaches our dimension and organizes into an LR, which is a self-encircling hologram of the superphoton, but so limited by incomplexity and its dimensional distance from the superphoton that only the most general features of the superphoton/God are noticeable in the LR or in the individual mind.
Individual minds are indeed holograms of God. This is one meaning behind the Biblical reference to we humans having been made in the image of our Creator. However, unlike the orthodox concept of a holographic universe, the entire universe is not contained within each of its particles, and neither is all of existence contained within an individual mind. We are only projections of God, and God is only a sum of the information gained since time began. God has not reached its goal, and is therefore incomplete. Because it is incomplete, we are projections of its incompleteness and consequently cannot immediately comprehend all there is to know. There is a purpose to life because we have not yet reached completion.
God’s Interface with the Universe
The physical universe is a subset of true reality. Our universe is composed of ether, which is a slice of 5-D hyperether, which is a slice of 6-D hyperether, and so on. True reality is made of infinite-D hyperether, which is the field created by its proximity to the superphoton/potential in this infinitely dimensioned space.
By analogy, a seed (pure potential) can be said to emanate a morphic field of its latter self, the tree, which is a template or auric scaffold for the future cells arising from the seed to follow in growth. God (pure potential) emanates the infinite-D hyperetheral field, which is a blank, protogenic, multi-dimensional template from which electricity, gravity, and magnetism arise to give substance to matter and provide a physical carrier for the self-encircling and self-aware individual mind. This infinite-D hyperether may be termed the matrix.
In short, the potential creates a field, within which projections of that potential convert into fulfillment.
This foregoing mechanism is how the superphoton expresses itself in this timeline.
There are in fact multiple timelines, which allow further expression of the superphoton since the larger the template, the greater the number of experiences and thus the quicker the rate of information gathering and the closer the goal of full self-awareness.
The actual interface between God and physical reality occurs at the quantum level, in the freewill of the individual mind to choose its future. To understand this, we must first comprehend the nature of time.
Nature of Time
Time is the sequential arrangement of eternal states of being. Eternity is the nonexistence of time, which occurs at the speed of light, or at the infinite dimension, or in the mind of God; potential is in actuality a frozen eternity, because for potential to manifest itself, time is required, andfor it to remain pure potential, time must be nonexistent. God’s potential field, much like the morphic field of a seed, consists of a near infinite number of frozen possible eternities, like a collection of still movie frames.
Free Will’s Influence Upon Reality
These frames are animated according to the laws of physics — a situation in which a ball is lower in the second frame than the first occurs when gravity is pulling upon the falling ball. After every frame, a great number of possibilities exist for which frame comes next, but without conscious influence, the most basic of scientific laws naturally determine which frame does indeed follow: the one with the highest probability.
In other words, there might be a million possible frames where the ball is lower in the second frame, and maybe two or three where it is not. Those two or three are so unlikely from happening, however, that they rarely follow the first frame. That is, unless a self-aware conscious mind chooses to make one of those two or three frames happen, in which case the ball stops falling.
The laws of nature, then, are obstacles for an individual mind to overcome. By overcoming these obstacles, the mind gains information, experience, and wisdom in accord with the purpose of life.
Animals are slave to nature, for their evolution happens on a physical level and comes about only by surviving the trials nature has to offer them. Because they are unaware of their own freewill, animals normally experience frames of reality dictated by the laws of nature. At a certain point in evolution, however, animals become sentient, self-conscious, and aware of their own freewill just like we humans. At this point and to a greater degree, we choose future frames which have lower probability than what the laws of physics predict. Science calls these choices “chaotic” since the events no longer follow the old-fashioned mechanistic principles. This is why the origin of consciousness still remains a mystery to orthodox scientists.
The interface between God and reality occurs precisely when individual minds (no matter how minute in girth) choose whether a microscopicevent happens one way or another. like the superphoton, these individual minds project a probability field, the field imparting a preference such that one frame, or possibility, is chosen over another to actualize in this universe. The greatest example of this is the firing or nonfiring of a neuron, which is chosen by the mind inhabiting the body and brain to which the neuron belongs. In occult circles, this probability field is known as the astral body, and as mentioned above, is commonly called the morphic field. DNA molecules are microscopic/atomic/quantum receivers which are sensitive enough to allow easy influence from the probability field or astral body.
[Because this probability field manifests itself as one transcending time (in order to have influence upon the frames of eternity which comprise time), the field itself must be electromagnetic in nature but also non-parallel to this space, meaning it is perpendicular to this reality plane. Recall the section dealing with scalar waves, and how scalar waves are 90 degrees from this reality plane, meaning that the probability field is really a scalar field, though much more subtle and complex than a scalar field produced from a caduceus coil. The significance of this aside is in the influence of foreign scalar fields over the biological development of the human body. Many devices inadvertently create scalar fields, such as television monitors, high voltage power lines, and other electrical things, which have the potential for overpowering the subtle astralbody/scalar field of the mind and causing DNA to execute faulty maneuvers due to its receivers no longer receiving the appropriate field. This is why high voltage power lines cause leukemia, and why scalar fields are said to impact the biological/neurological component of living systems]
It is evident from the characteristics of the individual mind that God and the individual mind have much in common, though at different scales, which is entirely due to the holographic nature of the relationship.
Cosmology of God
In summary, God differentiates itself into individual minds, whose probability fields allow them to take control over (or infuse with) physical matter and gain the experience that comes with overcoming physical limitations.
Hence, black holes are physical manifestations of the concept of “unity,” which is one purpose of life as explained in the Alpha Node article. Note that at the center of every galaxy lies a black hole. Matter infused with consciousness returns to total unity upon entering a black hole.
In its entirety, white holes spew matter into the universe as a process of “differentiation,” and black holes suck matter into themselves as a process of “unification.” After matter is ejected into the universe, it is slowly infused with consciousness as it becomes part of more complex andchaotic systems, the process also known as “spirit descending into flesh,” and sooner or later the matter, with its intrinsic memory of all it underwent, departs from its final soul and collects in one of the numerous number of black holes. The many souls which at one time or another inhabited that particular piece of matter have long since returned to the superphotonic state or become born again in a new body. eventually, all matter unites as part of the Big Crunch, and life starts anew in a negative universe with unique events imparting more information to God.
Photon Structure (6/5/00):
The following is a subsection of the Light Ring Theory which deserves a whole separate chapter due to its concise, elegant, and self-contained nature. Discussion will involve the quadstructure of the photon, the amplitude and phase characteristics of each component, their implosion into corresponding particles, life cycle of the universe, and ultimately, the source of consciousness in a physical context.
Quadstructure of the Photon
Our perception of a photon is in only one-fourth of a multidimensional entity — the other three-fourths lie in other spaces and times. There are four components to every photon. Generally speaking, these four components are:
1) realphoton (P): the real component, that which we observe and measure in the laboratory.
2) antiphoton (P~): identical to the real component, except 180 degrees out of phase.
3) takyon(T): imaginary component 90 degrees out of phase with realphoton.
4) antitakyon (T~): identical to takyon, but 180 degrees relatively out of phase with it.

Each component has two subcomponents: electric(E) and magnetic(B). The E and B terms are characteristic of the classical model of the (real)photon. The purpose of this particular quaternary structure is to preserve charge and amplitude symmetry. Charge symmetry is preserved because the total charge of the photon is zero due to each component having its anti- counterpart which is opposite in charge. Amplitude symmetry answers how a photon can have zero fields at the nodes and still transmit energy from peak to peak with node in between.
For example, graphing the kinetic energy over time of a simple pendulum will yield a sine function which peaks when the pendulum has reached the bottom of its swing and goes at maximum speed. One can wonder where the energy of the pendulum goes at the nodes (points of zero) on the graph. Physically, the nodes correspond to the moment when the pendulum has reached the top of its swing and stops shortly before descending again. The answer then, is obvious, namely that the energy is stored in the gravitational field as potential energy at the nodes.
likewise, the peak of the E and B components of a photon correspond directly to observable energy expressed as a high distortion in the ether matrix of our local proximity while the nodes signify total nonexpression of the energy of such a photon, at least locally. But just as there was a destination for the energy of a pendulum at its moment of zero kinetic energy, so must there be a destination for the photon’s energy at zero field amplitude. But where is it?
The equation for a pendulum’s energy is similar to: E = A sin(x) + i Bcos(x) where A and B are arbitrary constants. What this equation means is that the total energy is divided up between two components, real and an imaginary. Both components are separated by 90 degree phase, by virtue of one being a sine and the other a cosine. The nature of sines and cosines is that while one is 1, the other is 0. While kinetic energy is 100%, potential energy is 0% and vice versa.The i is the square root of -1, and serves as a mathematical tool to label the second term B cos(x) as existing on a number line perpendicular to the first term, A sin(x), such that both components remain separated in the equation. We know that gravity is a fourth dimensional distortion in the ether, and hence we can say that the square root of negative one signifies that component being rotated spatially by 90 degrees (not to be confused with phase shifted by 90 degrees, which concerns linear alignment and not rotation)from all the other components.
The same equation applies to the photon. At the nodes, the energy in a photon is imaginary, meaning it is rotated by 90 degrees, in addition to the 90 degree phase shift. Both realphoton and antiphoton have their imaginary counterparts, the takyon and antitakyon. Takyon, in conventional terms of physics, includes all particles which travel faster than light. In this theory, we are restricting the term to mean only the imaginary component of a photon. The superluminal particles will henceforth be called negative matter. When the antiphoton implodes (bendsand travels in a ‘circular’ or more appropriately, hyperspherical path), it becomes antimatter. A realphoton becomes matter, and an antitakyon transmutes into negative antimatter ( or antinegamatter). As you can see, the energy at the nodes is completely stored in the amplitude of the takyon.
This chart shows the photon components, velocities, corresponding particles and their velocities:

name symbol velocity particle velocity
realphoton P c matter < c
antiphoton P~ c antimatter < c
takyon T c negative matter c
antitakyon T~ c negative antimatter c
To aid in visualizing photon structure, consider the following illustration:

Each bent arrow signifies a constant unit of energy devoted to either the electric or magnetic field. As the photon oscillates through the ether (or hyperether), the arrow tips move toward and away the central axis (the velocity vector c). For example, first the electric subcomponent of the realphoton Ep increases in length while the electric subcomponent of the takyon decreases, then once the length of Et is zero, the process reverses. Other arrows do the same. If one were to look at Ep and Bp (the magnetic subcomponent of the realphoton), Et and Bt, Ep~ and Bp~,and Bt~ with Et~, one would see how all the components relate. The preceding illustration serves only to allow a better understanding of the dynamic photon structure.
Energy to Mass
A typical example of energy to mass conversion via E = m c^2 involves a high energy photon flying past a nucleus (to utilize as an absorber of momentum in order to conserve momentum) and transmuting into two particles, an electron and an antielectron (usually called positron). According to the LRT, here is what theoretically happens:

The photon, with its four components, splits up into four light rings (LR’s). The LR’s themselves are grouped into two light ring structures (LRS) , one being a particle and the other an antiparticle.
Each LRS is composed of a light ring and a negative lightring. Between the two are two conical vortices representing the imploded movement of the photon.[in the middle is the black hole, the one that the Big Crunch at the end of the universe will evolve into. It is irrelevant that the universe has been “found” to be relatively flat, or that not enough dark matter exists to collapse the universe…the Big Crunch will be a result of conscious intent, and it is obvious that consciousness is antithetical to the default laws of physics as a ball placed on an incline will according to the laws of physics roll down — but you, being conscious, could upset a physicist’s calculations by reaching over to scoot it toward the top]
Nature of Negative Matter
There are two interesting properties of negative matter: 1) it is antigravitic, meaning it repels ordinary matter, and 2) it travels backward in timefrom our perspective.
There is a direct relation between gravity and time, since both arise from the circulating property of the light ring…even John Keely said that gravity is time.
These two properties follow from several observations. First, a negative light ring rotates in an opposite direction from ordinary light rings. Because gravity is partly a function of sympathetic resonance and attraction between two light rings which rotate in the same direction, a negative light ring with its opposite rotational direction will be repellent and hence antigravitic.
Since time is measured not only by the rate of cyclical rotation of the light ring, but also its direction of rotation, it is logical that something which rotates opposite from normal matter will travel backward in time.
Furthermore, by analyzing the relativistic formula relating measured mass to velocity, we see that any particle which travels back in time will:
1) have an imaginary mass
2) go faster than light
Does negative matter, as defined in this article, not qualify? and are the takyons from which negative mass arises not imaginary entities?
Life Cycle of a Photon
Here we enter a somewhat more theoretical, abstract, and complicated aspect of this theory.

Do not be intimidated by the diagram. The explanation will be pleasant, it is assured.
We begin with a single photon and its four components, but for now we shall concern ourselves only with the P and P~. The photon decays into two particles, an electron (1) and positron (2). Afterward, each particle can choose one of two paths in this example. Path (a) will lead toeventual recombination into a photon (3), and path (b) will allow each particle to stay as particles for a long period of time.
One day, the photon of the particles will enter the Big Crunch black hole (4) [called BCBH for short]. It is when all matter and space has been absorbed into the BCBH that a universe reaches the “temporal symmetry axis”, meaning the “ball has hit the wall and must now bounce back(ward in time).” [There is yet no inductive logic to back up the “temporal symmetry axis” idea, only that it explains much and is not yet contradicted, which according to the author is the very definition of a good theory]. After the axis has been reached, P and P~ become T and T~ as the rotation of the light rings reverse, black hole (4) becomes a white hole (5), and negative matter travels back in time, tracing the same steps these particles took prior to absorption into the BCBH. [We as humans undergo this same process on a similar but smaller scale when we die and undergo our life review, sending our consciousness within our imaginations and memories back in time…but unlike humans’ subjective views of its recently completed life, the universe’s imaginations and memories are what constitute objective reality]
For path (a), a photon composed of T and ~T emerge from the white hole, and travel back in time to split into negative particle (8b) and negative antiparticle (7b) in this example and eventually combine into the original negative half of the photon.
So you see, the negative components of a photon do not come into existence until the positive components enter the BCBH, emerge from the white hole, travel back in time, and intersect the position of the original photon, completing the four-component structure. It is only because they intersect on the timeline that a photon can be said to have four components, since the negative half occupies the same spatial and temporal region as the normal half, and hence for all practical purposes has always been a part of the photon throughout its history.
from the preceding discussion, some surprising conclusions may be reached.
First, our future is negative matter’s past, and vice versa. Our future is bifurcated, meaning it branches out into many different possible futures, the number growing with temporal distance into the future. This means that negative matter’s past is also bifurcated. Correspondingly, our past is as bifurcated negative matter’s future, as illustrated here:

Second, when photon components T and T~ (6) split into (8b) and (7b), a form of memory intrinsic to the photon must have been present. This must be so because if the photon were thought to be homogeneous, then any information (matter) entering it must also become homogenousand hence unintelligible and undecipherable for future reference. The very act of a photon splitting into particle and antiparticle as it did in the same manner once before shows that the photon held information within it, triggering it to do so at that moment in time to coincide with the original decay of the P P~ photon. One shouldn’t accuse the author of anthropomorphizing the photon, because it is claimed (and supported in the LRT) that the photon is inherently conscious, and hence privy to information and memory.
Finally, the last conclusion is of utmost importance. It is known that takyons, or at least electromagnetic information originating from the future, have psychoactive properties, meaning they hold the capability of influencing one’s consciousness. Therefore, there is a distinct link between consciousness and the future (or the past of takyons / negative matter).
The link is metaphysically esoteric, though comprehensible. Recall that black holes are 7th density entities, and that the BCBH amounts to a singularity with no external reference, one of complete unification between matter, energy, and consciousness, where the Alpha Node has realized itself and has manifested infinite potential into astronomically finite accomplishment. Thus, the BCBH is the rightmost side of a cycle beginning with the Big Bang on the left, in which time progresses from left to right.
whereas the Big Bangresulted immediately in the total separation of consciousness from matter and energy which was left to coalesce into particles and essentially polarized the universe into one half of simply the naked Alpha Node singularity and one half of matter and energy, the Big Crunch dissolves the polarity by being a reunification of all consciousness with all matter.
It is reasonable to note that the Alpha Node after the Big Bang was very primitive and powerless, since it was as a seed unmanifested in potential. The Alpha Node near and during the Big Crunch, however, is omniscient and all pervasive, and self-knowing. It is consequently both timeless in its own perspective, and eternal to ours; it transcends time, forward or back.
Hence, takyons owe their origin to the future Alpha Node, and ordinary photons to the past unmanifested Alpha Node. It is for this reason that realphotons and antiphotons are merely wavelets of light with no personality or conscious signature. However, takyons, the very components said to be psychoactive, originate from the future superconscious Alpha Node and therefore act as sentient sentinels, easily dancing with our consciousness and playing with our thoughts since thoughts and takyons are next of kin. [recall the movie “event Horizon” in which a lifeless mechanical craft returns from a black hole fully conscious].
Taken to its logical conclusion, the preceding paragraph would indicate that while matter and energy are merely crystallized, or locallized, imploded, and self-circular forms of photons originating from the Big Bang Alpha Node, consciousness comes from the future.
Does this mean that our future is fixed, since it has already happened from the viewpoint of our source of consciousness? No, because the past is as bifurcated as the future. You see, the whole cycle from Big Bang to Big Crunch and back is but one reality in a collection of countless number of realities. To the 7th or 8th density black holes and Alpha Node, the cycle from beginning to end happens in the blink of a cosmic eye. This is precisely what a photon, which travels at the speed of light and thus experiences infinite time dilation or no time transition experiences, which is not surprising considering photons are nothing but the end projection of a series of shadow projections cascaded downward from the Alpha Node at the highest of finite dimensions to this one. In essence, photons experience the universe instantly just as 7th and 8th density entities do because photons are facets of these entities.
The Meaning of it All
So, the big clincher to this article involves freewill and the interface between matter and consciousness. As stated in many of the metaphysical articles on this site, a system of particles sensitive to chaotic fluctuations can be infused with consciousness when the Alpha Node, or at least a holographic fragment thereof, chooses which one of many equally feasible outcomes the system actually manifests. How does this tie into the preceding paragraph? A system of particles is under conscious direction when among the countless number of realities (each in which the system progresses to a unique outcome and reaches the BCBH in that unique state) that reach the singular BCBH, the superconscious Alpha Node, knowing the outcome of every reality, travels back in time with full sentience to the point before the system changed state and chooses then to experience under its own freewill only one of the realities to follow. This is how consciousness originates from the future.
The greater the complexity of a system, the greater the number of possible outcomes and hence realities it generates…and the more realities there are, the more instances the system is eventually absorbed into the BCBH, and the more it is exposed to the superconscious Alpha Node which knows that any system which offers a greater range of choices for it will better be able to accommodate its freewill and evolution through experience. Thus, complex systems are more easily and likely to be infused by consciousness.
In other words, the Alpha Node already knows the details of every reality ever generated due to it originating from a bifurcated future (each bifurcation which like one amongst a million tributaries, empties into a single ocean, the Big Crunch black hole or superconscious Alpha Node), but uses its freewill to experience only one of those.
This is why we experience only one timeline, unless we time travel, in which case we end up choosing another timeline. It is why it would be incorrect to say that every choice leads to an alternate reality, because even though those alternate realities formed once, they were erased when the Alpha Node (you) went back in time before those realities were ever spawned and consciously chose only one of them to manifest.
Let’s Hit QM while We’re at It
In fact, the collection of outcomes a particle can experience is the definition of that particles wave function, according to quantum mechanics. States of a system are bifurcated only when consciousness has not made its impact upon the system, which means the state of such as system either lies in the future, or will only be known in the future. Collapsing the wave function means taking into account all those probable outcomes or “present” states of existence and allowing only one to exist or manifest. Thus, when the Alpha Node, or consciousness, travels back in time to prevent all outcomes from happening other than the single desired one, it is effectively collapsing the wave function of that particle.
Quantum mechanics writes the equations describing all possible states of a particle or system, because that particle or system is composed of crystallized light originating from the primitive Big Bang Alpha Node, which is totally non-chaotic and entirely predictable according to the laws of quantum mechanics. What quantum mechanics can not do is calculate what state the wave function will collapse into, because this is decided not by the primitive Big Bang Alpha Node which operates under cut and dried mathematical rules, but from the very conscious BCBH Alpha Node which is beyond mathematical description. It is beyond scientific mathematical description because its origin is not physical matter upon which all of physics is based (see my proof of God article for further discussion of equations vs. consciousness).
Equations are simply linear combinations of a physical set which can only describe through further linear combination other systems in that set, but the BCBH Alpha Node (consciousness) in general originates from an altogether different, hyperdimensional set. Such equations can never fully describe the BCBH Alpha Node and thus cannot predict what state a wave collapses into because that is a function of the BCBH Alpha Node, not of the physical set from which these physics equations originated.
There are several logical inconsistencies in this theory, but the majority of it makes sense, explains orthodox and alternative scientific phenomena, and predicts testable characteristics of nature — all properties of a good theory. More shall be added as the author acquires further knowledge and as the logical wrinkles are ironed out.

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