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Native Americans’ Problem – Yerli Amerikalıların Sorunları
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Native Americans’ Problem – Yerli Amerikalıların Sorunları

15 Ağustos 2015 17:58
Native Americans’ Problem – Yerli Amerikalıların Sorunları



Before the white man set foot on American soil, the Native Americans had been living on this land. They lived as tribes. There were about 300 Native American tribes on American soil such as; Cheyenne, Cherokees and Apaches. Their land soil was very productive. Because of this, they were agricultural and hunter people. It is believed that the Indians originated in Asia because, people believed that they came from India. The name “Indian” was first applied to them by Christopher Columbus, who discovered America Continental. When the Europeans started to arrive in the 16th- and 17th-century they were met by Native Americans. Especially, English people tried to be the owner of the Native Americans’ soil. English people wanted to borrow a little part of soil for agriculture from Indians. Indians lent them a little part. However, English people did not give it to Indians back and tried to take more. The aim of the English people was; taking the whole part of America. At last, in 1830, there were Indian Wars started by English people. There were many Indians killed and exiled to the south and the north parts of America by English people. At the end of the 19th century, these wars were last. from that time to now, American soils belong to English people. However, there is still not over racism towards Native Americans but, Native Americans do not accept the opportunities that were given to them. This forms an idea about the racism towards the Native Americans. Because of this idea, people think U.S.A as a racist country. This is a big problem for the U.S.A and for the Native Americans. This problem can be best solved by some ways.
Firstly, according to the researches, Native Americans make the percentage of 45 of production and consumption of alcohol and tobacco. This means that Indians understand the quality of these kinds of things. U.S government can give a ministry about these to an Indian person. This ministry can be the Ministry of Agriculture. Indians know about the agriculture a lot because, in the past they were interested in agriculture. They lived by farming. Secondly, Native Americans have been the most warrior people in the world. They know fighting on the land by using some fight implements. According to this, a Native American person can be given an active role in the U.S Army or an active role in the Ministry of Defense. By these, Native Americans can be seen as a first class people in the government and in U.S.A.
Another solution is that; Native Americans should accept living with other races. Nobody is the owner of the lands on the earth. However, it is natural to own the America soils for Native Americans because of their history. They lost many people because of the U.S. ‘s racist behaviors. They wanted to live English people together in the past but English people killed and exiled them. Today, U.S.A gives many opportunities to them. If they use these opportunities in good ways, they can live better than now. Past is past but they can revenge their ancestors on by playing active roles in the government or in daily life. U.S.A. reserves some places to the Native Americans for living. This means that Native Americans are 2nd class people. They can live everywhere they want. They not only live in the other cities for working but also live for their daily life. They make their holly ceremonies only at the Mexico and at near the Mexico. This is not true. They can make it wherever they want. If the U.S.A government behave them like this, they are right not to accept the opportunities that are given. Researches shows that, in 1990’s, there were 80 Native Americans were killed by the racist and fascist English people. This means that Native Americans are in a big trouble. These English people were not punished as the people who killed an English person. This is because of the class differences. Native Americans are 2nd class people in terms of the law of U.S.A. Because of this, Native Americans live in a fright. The U.S government should rewrite their laws about the Native Americans because they give some opportunities but they do not give some rights to them. The symbol of the American justice shows us the equality and the objectivity of the American justice. However, U.S.A. does not behave equal and objective to the Native Americans.
In conclusion, Native Americans apply a passive resistance to the U.S.A. They only want their own rights. There is still not over racism towards Native Americans but U.S.A. should not behave them as a 2nd class people.

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