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Project Name

23 Eylül 2014 18:16




Social solidarity and cooperation “İmece”

Economic and social needs of people in more rural regions of Anatolia in an orderly meet jointly explaining an example of a social solidarity. “IMECE”.

This is an example of solidarity, a combination of more people to live in Anatolia are experiencing economic difficulties and has been instrumental to the future with the hope of. Planting and harvest time, products such as collections together.



There are hundreds of people in the face of today’s climate, which is developing technology for future generations to introduce and explain the sense of solidarity.
Community organizations and institutions of social solidarity and common values ​​with the act is that the merger. Social solidarity is a very important place in our lives no longer need to understand. One of the movements is solidarity because it will help us to live better.
We have to improve the environment for success. Because human social being. Directly or indirectly affected by all of the surroundingevents. This interaction also helps to allow people to harm, such as the summit. solidarity with communities and countries.
Society lives to live together, solidarity, and sharing, the importance is enormous. and the phenomenon of people’s thinking to the fore the idea of ​​solidarity as the extraction front was moving forward so that the spirit of unity and togetherness.

In our daily lives, or we sit in the family apartment, school, neighborhood, neighborly relations, which we felt important days of a point. Private our days, to share our days of bitter and sweet, engagement, wedding, illness, funeral of our neighbors and loved ones in such cases, bitter and sweet moments to be with them is by being human.

The basic idea is to be useful to the extent we can make the people around us. This is the central element of our understanding of our social life. There is no limit assistance. Anıda time and can not be determined. Abide by the rules of mutual respect, love, give love, receive an aid. Let us love, let love.
Received from family, community education we received and we received a nice idea, depending on the school form of instinctive behavior. This initiative is the spirit of cooperation and solidarity, the tangible and intangible.



Here are the main goals of our project;
• The project is our work of teachers, students and administrators developed the idea of ​​social solidarity.
• Project staff and partners will result in positive changes and innovations.
• recognize and promote cultural values ​​and social life of the participating countries to help.
• tolerate differences and to respect the basic principle to be individuals.
• Thinking investigating, discussing and criticizing, but just need to believe in criticizing the effort to change things, especially the belief in doğrultunda science, culture, environment, arts, to train individuals to perform activities in many areas.
• make up society in every individual human being, nature and culture in every area of life to provide the main contribution to the scientific-cultural philosophy is dominated by counting the win philosophy.
• showing respect for society’s value judgments, will protect and improve the individuals.
• Natural Disasters bring awareness of cooperation and solidarity.
• Participating schools to compare the educational systems
• Mutual exchange of information will improve.
• participating in the project will increase the prestige of each school.
• teachers ‘and students’ achievement motivation will increase.
• The teacher-student co-operation will increase.
• improve the achievement of the school.
• Countries will recognize each other.
• The project, information and communication technologies (ICT) has encouraged the use.
• Project, racism, prejudices and promotes awareness of the need to fight against xenophobia
• participating in the project manager, teacher and students’ ability to use initiative and will help develop self-confidence.




• The project partners will take the form of application of the same decisions are taken jointly.
• At the end of the project for the cultural values ​​of each country, helping magazine and booklet will be created on.
• The project created with the course materials. We produce materials for teachers and students think would be useful.
• Our materials, school management will be helpful.
• the official web site of the project will be created.
• Each school with its own culture and values ​​that regulate the posters, and short-story contest.
• non-educational institutions to do is to influence the project.
• Project meetings will be required to.
• In each school, about our projects will be created in a corner.
• The project will contribute to children’s individual learning.
• logo designs on our project to be done. These designs will be determined in a competition and the winners will be awarded.
• Work on the project, the school staff in-service training programs will be reflected in the educational services.
• Our project is based on respect for human rights and democracy will create a sense of European citizenship.
• Project Diary: Our students feel about the project, to share thoughts and ideas will be written for the day. These logs also paintings, photographs and poems will be included.



• All partners in the project will take place directly.
• project activities will focus on two groups. The first is going to do common activities. The second is whether the project relevant to their own schools, then save and share our activities with our partners.
• Turkey as the country coordinator of the project partners on the project to inform the process.
• What schools do to do the redirects via electronic mail.
• according to the operation of the project will be the decisions that we can get the project meetings. After the meetings, will implement the decisions taken.
• Each partner school project room or corner of the project activities and related materials from there to prepare and present to visitors. Other partners in this regard to information via the Internet.
• relevant to our project plan to create a web site.
• This web site from different countries, especially the partners, will be different applications of mathematics. Thanks to this web site project, we plan to expand your position in the different target audiences. This web site is at the same time, we send our activities will be a center.




• The partner schools to be aware of the consequences of the developments and activities on the internet online communication methods, if necessary, will use the telephone and fax.
• Partners will examine each site visit and activities.
• Activities related to the results of surveys, and brochures will be prepared.
• As noted above, the coordinator will be prepared by the color of a website and bring in this way, teachers can share information.
• This web-site education, culture, solidarity, mutual assistance issues will be shared with the member countries.
• If need be installed in contact with each other live on the Internet are discussed.


Turker Manga

Project Coordinator

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