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Television has a bad influence on children – Televizyonun çocuklar üzerindeki kötü etkisi
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Television has a bad influence on children – Televizyonun çocuklar üzerindeki kötü etkisi

15 Ağustos 2015 19:13
Television has a bad influence on children – Televizyonun çocuklar üzerindeki kötü etkisi



Television has a bad influence on children.

Over the past forty years, television sets have become standard pieces of equipment in most homes, and watching television has become a standard activity for most families. Children in many countries grow up watching television in the morning, in the afternoon, and often in the evening as well. Although there are many excellent programmes for children, many people feel that television may not be good for children). In my view, television can be a bad influence on children for a number of reasons.
First of all, some programmes are not good for children to see. For example, there are now numerous police stories on television which contain a lot of violent scenes; people are killed with guns, knives, and even cars. Some children might think that these things could happen to them at any time. Therefore, they can become frightened. In addition, some youngsters might begin to think that violence is nornal part of life because they see it too often on television. They may begin to to act out the violence they see and hurt themselves.
Second, television can affect children’s reading ability Reading requires skills and brain processes that watching television does not. If children watch too many hours of television each day, they do not practice the skills they need to learn how to read well.
Finally, television may affect children’s schoolwork in other ways. If they spend excessive amounts of time watching television, they may get behind in their homework and have to catch up later. Staying up and watching a late-night movie might mean they fall asleep during lessons the following day. If they make a habit of doing this, they may end up failing their course.
In conclusion, if children watch too mıch television or watch the wrong prorammes, their personalities can be harmed. Furthermore, their progress at school can be affected. Therefore, parents should know what programmes their children are watching. They should also turn off the television so that their children will spend more time on their studies.

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