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Writting a story (Who Wants to be a star?)      

Writting a story (Who Wants to be a star?)      

19 Kasım 2014 17:40
Writting a story (Who Wants to be a star?)      



lazy person

         His name was  Tony. He was very lazy person. He was twenty-one years old. He and his family lived in London. He didn’t have a job. His family was very poor.    His father’s name was David. His mother’s name was Clara. and his sister’s name was Sarah. They needed the money. Because of this he was looking for a job. But he didn’t find a job. He was not very lucky. He wanted to the money for his family.

         One day, he began to look for a job again. He went into the shop.

Shopkeeper : “Welcome. What did you want?”

TONY          : “I want a job. If you find an assistant, I will be your assistant.”

Shopkeeper : “What is your name ?”

TONY          : “My name is Tony Borg.”

Shopkeeper : “I look for an assistant. So you will be my assistant”

TONY          : “Thank you.”

         Shopkeeper’s name was Martin Green. He began to work. Just now, he cleaned the windows, doors, tables, etc. He was  working very hard for Mr. Green.

He began to learn to the job. He had a good time in his job. He and his family were very happy for found a job. He was selling the furniture. His boss earned a lot of money for the furniture.

          Next month, his father went to his aunt’s house by his car. Because she was ill.       When he came back in London he had an accident. and other people took him from  hospital. David was very bad. He had an operation in hospital. When a doctor phoned Tony’s home he got excited.

Tony’s Mother : “Who phoned ?”

TONY               : “A Doctor.”

Tony’s Mother : “Who is doctor ?”

TONY               : “The doctor is my father’s or your husband’s doctor.”

Tony’s Mother : “Come on quickly, Tony.”    

         Than, they went to hospital with by taxi. Because; the taxi was faster than another vehicles. and they arrived to hospital. They were very excited for him father. David was looking very bad. Because; Tony’s father went into a coma, after the operation. They were staying in to the hospital.

         Next week, they left to hospital with David’s. Because; David was getting better quickly.

TONY    : “How are you feeling, father ?”

DAVID  : “I am good. But sometimes my stomach hurts.”

TONY    : “OK Father.”

         They got on the taxi. Than they went to the their house. When they arrived their house Tony paid some money to taxi’s driver. and he went to near the house’s door for opening the it. He began to look for its keys. But he didn’t find them. David began to get angry to Tony.

DAVID  : “where are the keys ?”

TONY    : “ I don’t know. But they were in my trousers’ pocket.”

DAVID : “ You are very irresponsible. You will find them or you will find a locksmith. Did you understand me ?”

TONY    : “Yes. One minute. I remembered them. I dropped them in to the taxi.”

DAVID  : “ Do you know taxi stand’s telephone ?”

TONY    : “No But

DAVID  : “OK You will go and find that driver.”

         and Tony went to the hospital. Because taxi stand was near the hospital. He arrived to the hospital . Than he found taxi stand easily but he didn’t find that driver. Tony looked for their driver. He waited to driver for a hour. and  finally driver came to the taxi stand.

TONY   : “Sorry. I dropped our keys in your taxi. Can I look for them in your car?”

Driver   : “ Of course. You cab look for them.”

TONY   : “ Thank you.”

         Tony got on the taxi. Than he began to look for them. and he found them. Suddenly he became very happy for found the keys.

TONY  : “What will I do for you?”

Driver  : “You don’t have to do something for me.”

TONY  : “OK But will you go to the our house with me again?”

Driver  : “Of course. Come on, Tony.”

         They went to the Tony’s house. They arrived to the house. Tony was very happy but His family was angry. Because they were very tired.

DAVID: “Why did you come late?”

TONY : “When I arrived at the taxi stand, ý was waiting to driver. Because he wasn’t there.”

DAVID: “OK. OK. All right you will open the door with your keys.”

         Tony opened the door and they went into the house. Everybody went to rooms

and they were sleeping right now.

         Next day, Tony woke up early and he went to the furniture shop. Because he has worked there. Tony arrived to the shop. His boss was very angry to Tony. Because Tony didn’t go there for a month. Because of this; His boss dismissed to Tony .

          and  Tony began to look for a job again. He wanted to be  shop assistant and he wanted to earn a lot of money. But anybody didn’t want to Tony. Because of this he decided to go to New York. Than he went to New York city by plane for find a good job.

          Tony never got on the plane. Because of this he got excited. Suddenly he fainted in the plane. He get everybody excited in the plane. But he sobered up right now. and he went on his away. Than the plane got off on the airport. Tony was very happy for he arrived.

         The airport’s police were checking everybody’s passport. One policeman said “Come here Tony”. Tony was afraid from the police. The police said “where is your passport?”. Tony said “ Here ”

The Police: “Oh! You are a criminal person.”

Tony         : “ No I am not criminal. I am innocent. ”

         Suddenly Tony was escaping at the airport. Because he was afraid of from the police. Than the police were running after Tony. He got into a toilet. and the police caught to Tony at the toilet. He began to be crying. He was sad.

The Police: “You arrest Tony”

Tony         : “ I am innocent. I didn’t do anything. 

The Police: “ You are stopping talking. You will explain at the police station.”

         Two policemen handcuffed to Tony’s hands. and they went to the police station. A chief  called to Tony. The chief was asking some questions.

The Chief: “Who are you? What is your name? What will you do in this city?”             

Tony        : “Hang on a minute ! May I smoke here?”

The Chief: “Of course”

Tony        : “ My name is Tony. I will find a good job in London.”

The chief : “All right ! What do you do in New York?”

Tony        : “My friends said: If you go to New York, you will find a job easily. and I came here. I will find abetter job.”

The Chief: “OK. Is this your photo?”

Tony        : “No. I don’t know this photo. Really who is he in this photo?”

The Chief: “Stop talking. You are a liar person.”

Tony        : “ No, I am not liar. Sorry ! What did I do?”

The Chief: “ You killed a man in the bazaar.”

Tony        : “No. I didn’t kill a man. You are confusing me with the criminal. May I look at the criminal’s photo?”

The Chief: “Of course! Here. Is this your photo? Will you be honest?”

Tony        : “No. This photo has just looked like me.”

The Chief: “Really? Will I look it? Ohh! Sorry ! We are sorry from you. I want to help you for find a good job. Wait a minute! Tom! Tom! Come here, quickly.

Tom         : “Yes. What do you want to do from me?”

The Chief: “Tom! You will help Tony for find a his job. Did you understand me?

Tom         : “ Of course!         I’ll help you. Now, may we go out? ”

The Chief: “ OK. Tom. Tony will have good luck. Goodbye!”

         Tony was very happy. and they found a good job at a bar. Next day, Tony began to work there. He worked very fast, so he was very tired everyday. His boss helped Tony. His boss rented a house and a car for Tony. He was loving his boss.

         One day, after the his work he stayed at the bar. He was alone in the bar. He wanted to sing a song. Suddenly his boss was listening Tony’s voice. and he liked his voice. Tony didn’t know about his boss was here. When Tony finished his song his boss began to acclaim to Tony. His face began to become red.

His Boss: “Bravo! His voice is very good. Do you want to be a singer in here?”

Tony      : “Of course! When am I beginning to sing songs in here?”

His Boss: “ Next week. I think you should begin to get ready.”

Tony      : “Ok Now, may I go to the my house?”

His Boss: “ Ok  I am giving permission. See you next week.”

Tony phoned his family. They told about the Tony’s new job. When they learned his job they were very happy.

and today was very important. Because he was a singer and he began to sing a song in the bar. He was very excited. But He wanted to be a very famous singer. Because of this he went  to Washington. He stayed his ex-friend’s house. and he found a good job. He began to work on a very big hotel. All people loved him very much. People wanted to ask some questions to Tony’s boss.


People: “Who is he? Is he new singer at here?”

Tony’s Boss: “Yes he is a new singer at here. He is Tony. Do you want to ask to me another questions?”

People: “No. That’s enough.”

         Tony loved his job. Before he found a job here, he was looking for a lot of jobs in a long time.

         Today was Tony’s birthday. He was excited. Because he gave a concert for his birthday party. When he began to sing songs, suddenly he looked a girl. He liked her. and then after the concert, he decided to propose marriage to her. and he arrived to near the girl.

TONY: “Sor…. Sorry! Wha…. What is your name?

GIRL : “My name is Dilara.”

TONY: “where do you stay?”

GIRL : “Sorry. What do you do when you learn my address?”

TONY: “ If I learn your address, I will come to want to you from the your family.”

GIRL  : “Really. Hang on a minute. I’m writing my address on the paper. You can take this paper.”

TONY: “OK. I will come to want to you from the your family tomorrow. See you tomorrow. BYE !”


         Tony bought flowers and a packet of chocolate for Dilara. and then he went to the Dilara’s house. He was very excited. Than he went into the house. Tony got acquainted with Dilara’s family. Dilara’s family were talking about the Tony’s job.

Dilara’s father’s name was Joe. “where do you work?” Joe asked. “I work in a very big hotel. The hotel’s name is Richmond. It is very nice hotel.” answered to this question.

JOE   : “ I have been to there four times since when I was  thirty. That time, the hotel was small. But a lot of tourists came there. You have a good job. Sorry! What do you do at the hotel? and when did you begin to work there?”

TONY: “I sing songs at the hotel. Actually, I am a singer there. I have worked there for two weeks. SORRY !!! Can I ask to you some questions?”

JOE    : “ Of course !”

TONY: “ I love Dilara, and Dilara loves me. Because of this I want to Dilara from you. Will I get married with Dilara, please?”

JOE    : “ No. Because my daughter is a student at the university. Because of this  I don’t give Dilara in marriage to you. I am sad. Don’t worry. If my daughter finishes her school, you will get married with her.”

TONY : “ OK. I want to go. Can I go out?”

         Joe thought about Tony. and Joe said “You can go out”. “Thank you. Good Night!” said Tony.

         Tony went to his house. and he decided to let Dilara escape. He didn’t sleep that night. Because he planed this event. He went to the Dilara’s school. Tony talked with Dilara to let her escape. Dilara was surprised. But after she accepted this event.

Dilara : “When are we going to escape?”

TONY: “Tomorrow.”

         Dilara thought, and “No I haven’t got enough time”. Tony said; “As quick as you can”. Dilara said “Ok. I am going to try to be ready”.  Tony said: “ OK. You will come in front of our hotel.”

         Dilara and Tony went to the their house to prepare their suitcase. Dilara was sad for leave her family. That day Dilara left her house silently as well as she met with Tony. Tony was cheerful but Dilara was looked like sad. Finally they left New York. and they went to the Turkey by plane. They hadn’t been to Turkey. Because of this they got excited.

         and they arrived this country. They went to the their hotel right now. They were very tired and sleepless. When they went to beds, they slept.

         The next day, they went to the marriage office. Tony performed a marriage ceremony. Than they came back their hotel.

         Three months later, Dilara finished her school and she was an engineer. They have a very big home. Dilara was pregnant at the their new house. Because of this Dilara didn’t begin to work.

         Ten months after, she had a child. They felt happy. The baby’s name is Ebru.

         and, Ebru was grew up. When she was thirteen, she became a star. She’s been a very beautiful girl. and she’s had beautiful curly hair and blue eyes. She could sing as well as dance. She has been a famous star. Everybody has known her and everybody has loved her. Ebru has earned a lot of money this job. Her father was a famous star too.

Her family has supported Ebru. They prides with her but Ebru’s family thought “Is Ebru happy? Does she want to be a star? and Ebru is a very beautiful girl.

She had beautiful curly hair and blue eyes.

Ebru always ate a lot of chocolate and food. Because they are very nice! Because of this, Ebru’s mother asked Ebru why she had eaten a lot of chocolate and food. Than, Ebru said to her mother “ You eats a lot of chocolate and you are getting fat and nice.”

Ebru’s Mother: “You don’t think me. But you are a very popular star. Because of this you don’t get fat. If you are a very fat woman, you don’t earn a lot of money.” EBRU: “I don’t want to earn a lo of money. But I want to go to school with my friends. Because I’m bored from this life.”

Because of this Ebru was angry with her mother, her mother was angry with her. Ebru left the room and began to cry. She was crying in a hour. and she was sad. She wanted a quiet life.

One day, she had an idea and she decided to go grandmother’s house. Her grandmother called Mrs White. She was living a small country. Ebru thought “ I will be happy there.”

Ebru went to train station quickly. She worn jeans and old jumper. Everybody doesn’t know who is she. She bought a ticket and  left at two o’clock from her big city life.

Ebru arrived her grandmother’s small country. and she found her grandmother’s house easily. Because there was a very small country and she had a lot of photos about her grandmother’s house. She went to the front of door and rang the bell. Her mother with white hair and a kind face opened the door.

Mrs white was surprised. She said “ Dear Ebru” and she hugged Ebru. She was very happy for saw Ebru. Her grandmother asked “ What are you doing here?”

“ I hate the city life” and “ Don’t want to be a star ” said Ebru.

         Mrs White and Ebru were drinking tea and they were talking. Ebru was very happy with her grandmother. Mrs. White said “ You can stay here with me for a week, but you must telephone your family.”

EBRU: “ I  am angry with my family and I don’t telephone my family. I hate my family.

         Two days later, Mrs. White was talking Ebru for a walk. and They went to a very big garden. Ebru loved very much there. Because there were a lot of trees and animals.

         Ebru was living very different life in this country. She was seeing new things all the time. Ebru’s grandmother gave her a horse. She loved it very much. She was passing very good time with her horse.

         That day, a postman had a letter for a Mrs White. When he saw Ebru, he said “ I don’t believe it, you are Ebru. I think You are a pop star. But everybody is looking for you. You are in all newspaper ! Everybody is curious about you. and they want to see you again.” Mrs White said to Ebru “ I have got a good idea. I am going to Turkey with you to see your family”

         Ebru’s family was very happy to saw Ebru again. Ebru was angry with her family little. and a few minutes later, her grandmother talked with Dilara about Ebru. Mrs White was explaining her idea to Dilara. She had said to Dilara “Ebru want to live with me and she want to go to school with her friends in my country.”

         and Ebru began to go to the school in her grandmother’s country. She had a lot of new friends. She was very happy that time. Everybody thought “ Ebru began to be happy, and she will be very happier than now. Because she is with her new and old friends.” Now she is very happy with her grandmother and friends. and she is very successful student in her school life. Her teachers think “ Ebru will have a better job than pop star.

and Ebru is saying “WHO WANTS TO BE A STAR?”

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